Missing Academy Workouts

On iPad I can only see long academy workouts 2 and 5 listed but I can see all of the short workouts.

this is a known issue, they are working on a patch.

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After two hours of messing with the new Zwift v1.29.0 / Apple tvOS v16.0 bluetooth issues I finally got everything working…only to discover that most of the ZA2022 long workouts are missing from the workout menu. I have no interest in doing it as a group workout, so I guess it’s all just more wasted time with a half-baked system.

Same here. I finally was able to time my schedule just right to do the baseline ride, I still have not received an email about that 2 Days later. This morning I figured I would do the first ride but it’s just simply not listed there.

My subscription had been on hold for a few months and I turned it back on to try out ZA so that really blows…