Long workouts not visible

My understanding is that they will be available on the 28th. I don’t have an answer regarding extending the programme.

Ok not ideal and hopefully Zwift will put this right with next patch/update, possibly on 28th.

However forums are great for possible workarounds.

So if you can ride at the time of the ZA Event group workouts enter the event and cross the workout start line (I’m not sure if you can wait in the pen as I didn’t).
Stop cycling for around 30 seconds to let the banded/keep together workout go.
Start cycling and you should now be, in effect, in a world of your own doing the workout.
( I was caught in the first few minutes by two others who must have started late so once again I just stopped during a ride recovery section for 30 seconds and never saw them again)

Did this today and have been credited with with the #3 workout, headband etc.

As an added bonus the workout has shown on my ZwiftPower list of Group, race and events results, which I like, whereas individual workouts do not.


Problem fixed (on iOS) :grinning: can not control on apple tv cause i’m not at home