Zwift Group Workouts

Hiya, why aren’t there any Zwift Group Workouts available on Events? Where have they gone?

Check your filters in the companion app. I just checked and see the following:

Hiya thanks for your reply. I’ve can see those, but there are usually a good number of Zwift Workouts as events too. They have a big orange “Z” on them.

Yup. No group workouts such as Lactate Shuttle, Orange Unicorn and VO2 Max. I love those workouts! Bring them back!

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They are brilliant aren’t they? I’ve emailed the support team to ask them to reinstate them. They are really popular, always get a good number of Zwifters on them!!

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Thanks! I see a big hole in the event schedule for tomorrow between 6am and noon. Maybe there is hope. The group workouts are a major social event for me in this time of Covid!


you can always do these workouts individually, I’m sure you know that already :ride_on:


I’ve noticed this too. This time of year I like to do some of those group workouts early morning and they’ve all disappeared.

We have been doing group workouts using the Meetup function. Invite a few friends set keep together. Once in the meetup while waiting select the same workout.
Very motivating when done with friends

Hi Gerrie, thanks for the reply. Yes, I’ve done that too, but the Zwift Workout events are also very good to join. They’re really popular, so I can’t understand why they’ve gone.

Come on Zwift, put them back on please!


Hey. Yes i miss them, too.
I already tried to contact zwift via instagram, but they didnt answer.
The Group Workouts have been so motivating and nice… Why arent they offered anymore?
Best regards from germany :slight_smile:

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Kathi, I’ve emailed Zwift twice and had no response. Very disappointing when you’re paying monthly :confused:


I was wondering if it was only me who was now unable to see them on the events tab!

Please bring them back.

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I know this sounds silly, but the more you email them the farther back in the queue you go. Each time you send another email they bump you to the end of the line.


Thanks for that info Mike, I didn’t realise that

Cannot find them either. Was wondering too. Hope they bring them back. Was a fun way to do a workout.

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I agree Frederic, I cannot understand why they’ve stopped them, particularly as we’re now into winter training (in the Northern Hemisphere) and many more will be Zwifting.

Come on Zwift, bring the group workouts back!!

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Weren’t that workouts part of the Zwift Academy?

Hi Gerrie, no these are different to those and were a lot more frequent throughout the day.

O thanks @Jeanette_Hickey.

Group rides and group workouts are organized by community so maybe reach out to the groups that organized them .

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