I was just looking at the events for the next two days and there seems to be a lack of group workouts listed on the website as compared to the previous several weeks.  Is this as intended?  I have been pursuing a 4 week training program using group workouts 5 days per week and have 2 weeks to go.  I am happy to use a solo workout plan, but since I don’t really know what I am doing yet, I rather like it when someone else chooses a daily workout for me.  

Once the new year rolls around I will try a full multi-week solo plan but again, I am not really in a position to tell what would be best for my goals so I have become addicted to group workouts for the moment and I am wondering if I should just suck it up and focus on solo workouts for the rest of my 4 week ftp focus?

Hi Fez,

We have 24 Group Workouts scheduled for tomorrow and more are being added for the remainder of the week.


VP EVENTS at Zwift, Inc.

Great!  Thanks for updating the events list.  I am sure it is not easy to coordinate.



i was wondering if there is a place which gives the schedule for regularly scheduled events