Workout Meetup Option?

So we all (most?) know how regular meetups work. Is there some way to do a meetup for a structured workout? Meaning for instance, let’s say hypothetically I have a friend. And the two of us want to do the Build Me Up training plan over the winter. Other than simply choosing the same workout, same route, and start at the same time, is there a simpler “meetup” option that I’m just not seeing? Would be cool even to have a “keep everyone together” option since speed/distance don’t really matter for workouts. Thanks…

You can set up a Meetup with the Keep Together option. Then before the start everyone loads their workout from the menu. That should work.


That’s exactly what I’ve been doing with my wife recently, it works a treat. You can also do your own workout in a KET meet-up when the others are doing something different, which may be more fun than solo. Eg a club social ride.

Interesting! How does that work? I haven’t done many workouts before Zwift Academy started. Guessing the intervals won’t start as long as you don’t turn the pedals?

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The workout will start as soon as you start moving when the meetup start. So you can pedal while waiting for the timer to run out.

We do this about 5 days a week and it is a lot of fun. You can even do different workouts.

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Cool. Just tried playing with it in another random event I saw that was in process and got a message saying “to join the event, you need to end the current workout.”
I picked a workout first, then hit ‘Ride,’ then joined the event when the prompt came up. Are those the right steps? Maybe I just picked an event that didn’t allow this sort of thing.

It only works in meetups, not group rides or events.

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That’s it! Awesome, thanks. Looking forward to trying it out.