Training Peaks workouts as a Group ride -is that possible?

I coach a number of riders and would like if possible to use the meet up function so I can lead rides and for each of my riders to be able to follow their own daily TP workout I have created for them to ensure they are working in their own power zones and Zwift records each of the intervals. Is this possible?

I have tried starting a workout and then joining a meet up but it then removes the workout details but am unsure if there is another way to achieve this functionality

Thanks in advance

You need to join the meetup, then while waiting for it to start load the workout.

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Thanks Mike, sounds simple enough. I will try this weekend. I do not normally use a mobile app and just start via the lap top I use but guess from the screen shot showing a smart phone that’s the way to do this, all the best and happy Zwifitng :smile:

Just reading through the Hack details and this would be ideal as riders can be on their own individual workouts and no need for everyone to be following the same session, as this rarely ever happens, Excpet on a Monday when we all have a day off ! :rofl:

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