Friends / group workout

I have looked through the forum and have not seen this topic so i do wonder if i am alone here, but why can i not meet up with my friend and do a workout together along a selected route ?

We are in 2023 so i assume this feature has already been implemented but i can not see it.

Hi @Sam_Connolly

You can.

Create a meetup and then while you wait for the meetup to start you pick a workout form the list of workouts.

Hi @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ

Does this workout only apply for me or will it apply to both of us once i pick the one i wish to do ?

Will give it a test tonight however last time i tried with my friends it was impossible to set up where wahoo rgt you can just state it from the get go.

Not saying it shouldnt be easier. But if it’s the same friend every time, you could always create a club (free) and both join it and create group workouts that way.

No each of you pick your own workout that is the beauty of it, you can do different workouts.

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We have set up a club and will do it this way as we all wanted to really do the same workout and have a social ride together, over zwift in different parts of the world.

I am surprised that there is not a meetup workout ride feature and that we basically need to all be part of the same club as a work around.

But ow well this is sorted i guess.

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But there is a way to do it as I described above.

We do meetup workouts 5 days a week.

Sorry if this has been asked previously, I’ve had a quick look around but unable to see anything on this.
I am creating my own group meet up 15+ of us and have created a workout for us to do. This is of course on my zwift profile and easy to load by Click menu> workouts whilst on the map screen and load the required workout… How do the other riders see this workout or does it show automatically for them if I (the meetup organiser) have loaded it ready for others to see if we are all grouped together?

Hi @John_pemberton

See the video above.

Every user need to load his own workout, you can send (email) them the workout and they can upload it to zwift then pick it while waiting for the meetup to start.

Thanks, so there is no option for the organiser to have a choice to load a specific workout for single or the complete group to use? Whether it’s already built into zwift or a self generated one.

This this option would help out a lot on the meet up screen.

That is probably something Zwift should implement in Clubs, club events are easier to setup and there is already an option to create a Club workout and select a workout from a list of pre made workouts. Soon we will be able to have keep together available in clubs, that combined with workouts will be awesome.

I would like the option that every rider can pick his own workout since not everyone is on the same workout plan.
I did ask a similar question this morning since we also use workouts in meetups.

Yep, Clubs needs this and we know it needs this.

Zwift HQ’s list of things to do

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I thought club workouts had Keep Together activated automatically. Or is that the previous ‘rubberbanding’ that was part of the workouts?

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I think Gerrie is referring to custom workouts not included with clubs.


Sorry, to clarify, this was the part I was referring to. But maybe that is in reference to combining Keep Together with the ability for people to do different workouts, as you say.

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I was referring to keep together instead of the old rubberbanding. I must admit I don’t have a lot of experience with Club workouts since we can’t use it because of this limitation. Many people in the club use a coach so we are all on different workouts, but we like to do them together.

But the main point I wanted to make is that every rider should be able to select their own workout or just free ride with the group.


I still think even after making the club and doing the workout on that. It should be easier.

We should be able to do a meet up and pick a workout for the meet up. It should not be complicated and everyone can do the same workout based on the ftp they have.

So just curious if this has been added yet ?
There are 5 of us now all doing the same custom workout.
We all currently have to build the workout then join a ride together and then all start the workout at the same time. does this not seem stupid and a really bad design?

We tried Wahoo RGT and we was all able to do the custom workout from a click of a button, and now we are all tempted to make the move purely because of this feature.

We also set up a club and you are not able to do custom workouts on the club ?
Zwift has amazing solo training features but when it comes to doing anything social with mates its not good.

Have you tried creating a meetup and everyone load the same workout.