Custom Group Workouts

Currently I run a virtual group ride twice a week with local riders who all collectively join in discord with webcams to chat and ride together. As an option, I provide a suggested workout for each day.

The downside is that these workouts Must be on zwift so everyone can find them and manually activate them.

Request 1) Add the ability to associate a zwift workout with a meetup as a suggestion for each rider to activate from the UI.

Request 2) Make the above work with custom workouts. I shouldn’t have to email around a workout file for people to jankily place into their documents folders to have access to the same workout. (Most users wouldn’t do this or know how so I don’t bother)

This can be a server side feature, these files are tiny and it would allow many more custom workouts replicated from other platforms to keep a healthy variety in our rides.

Thank you!

Not that it helps, but I would go as far to say I’d sign an agreement to access the neccessary repos and any cloud dev ops provisioning / IAS to build this for you, for free, on my own time outside of my existing work hours.:joy:

I really want this to be a thing haha.