Meetup custom workout

I’ m about to organise group workouts in the meetup function.
I want the followers that join the workout to see my custom Made workouts.
How can they see my folder with the custom workouts?
I know you can share a workout file and they can Save it into the workout folder if they have pc or Mac. Know also that I can share workouts if I have premium TrainingPeaks.

Is there other ways to do it? Sometimes I can see my friends custom workouts, but I don’t know why…maybe because he uses the same divice.

I’m also interested of this topic. Anyone that have experience of Meetup with custom workouts?

While all friends have entered the meeting and wait for the meetup to start then the host will pick a workout and that’s it. However when I tried this with a friend then the workout didn’t show up for him.

Something that I have missed? Could it be that this just works for predefined workouts and not for custom workouts?!

Thx in advance!

Nope, that is not how it works. Each individual needs to go into the workout menu and choose the correct workout while waiting for the meetup to start. The host can not do it for all the attendees.

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Ok thanks for a quick reply. Not like your answer but I have to deal with it I guess :slight_smile:

Then I have to send all files to all members and they have to manually import the files. I’ll create a new case in feature request instead, would be really nice if only the host could choose the workout.

Thanks again!

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I’m pretty sure this feature request already exists

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Ok I’ll check