Group Workout through Meetup

Hey People at Zwift- I love your meet-up functionality in v. 3.0! What would make it even better is if it were possible for the same meet up functionality but for a workout ( including the workout group staying as a group regardless of different power outputs)… :crossed_fingers:

I completely agree with this! Please expedite the ability to do meetup group workouts! I have been told by several members of my tri club that they are turned off to doing group rides/meetups on Zwift because they are afraid that they won’t be able to “keep up” with everyone.

We have men and women of all shapes, sizes, and abilities in our club, so if we were able to make a group workout meetup, everyone could ride at the same w/kg based on FTP, stay together, and enjoy a true group experience through Zwift! I think it would only encourage more people to do Zwift rides on a more regular basis if this option were given to riders. It’s a win-win for everyone. I implore you to strongly consider this.



This is what Zwift really needs. I work out with a friend who is a different ability to me and we get very different workouts trying to stay together.

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Completely agree. as a coach i’d love to create group workouts for my athletes and i think every coach in the world who use zwift would agree with this idea

This new function should be paired with the possibility to ‘join’ a meetup without waiting for an invitation. Maybe meetups could be joinable during the ‘warmup’ (when we are on virtual trainers in zwift).


Agree! would be awsome. I am waiting for private group workout sessions with my brother for so long. With kind of “rubber-band” effect or virtual speed/power adjustment as we have different ftp’s and w/kg.

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:+1: to this great idea.

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Completely agree. Tried a couple of meet ups but it was just a bit of a fun unstructured ride around with no goals and difficult to communicate with your buddy to work out how hard to go and when.

A workout done together at least would be amazing and rubber banding would be the absolute icing on the cake

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Definitely a must-have for me too. Would be great to do some team workouts throug the meetup function or just with friends etc.

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Definitely a must-have for me too.
As a coach and as a rider
Please make it happen

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I see the complete same picture in the tri-club I’m a member of.

It would be a perfect way to do club workouts during the dark winter months.

Zwift please, please, please :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

Indeed, it should really be a no brainer :slight_smile:

This one is on top of my list. My wife doesn’t like riding outside. But she will ride Zwift. Now we have 2 trainers sitting next to each other but the only way we can kinda ride together is join a group event. Which is awesome but does not always fit into our schedule and negates the convince of riding Zwift. Her FTP Is 91. Mines is more than twice that. We need that rubber band feature in a structured workout preferably.

Fully agree. Nice feature.

Also another suggestion is if we start a Plan it would be great to be able to choose any workout within the plan on any day we like, and not be forced to do that specific workout each day.
If we have missed workouts within our Plan we should be able to go back and ride them whenever we choose to.

This would be great for our cycling club. We’re thinking of organising private meet ups but the range of abilities will make this difficult

+1 It would be great. I ride meetups with my wife and we both would like to do a structured workout together. We cant. So at the moment unstructured is the only solution and it sort of misses a big part of what Zwift can offer.

Top priority for me! Would love to be able to just setup a workout for my wife and I.

Jumping on this bandwagon a little late but I completely agree with the posts above. This feature would be the icing on an already delicious cake!

Hopefully it’s on the developer’s radars.

Yes agree. Several people in my local race club have expressed an interest in doing custom workouts together at mutually agreed upon time/days. I just assumed it was an option and offered to try to get it setup, but quickly realized the only group workout option for you and your buddies is to join a pre-made (not custom) workout at the specific time it happens to be running. This was a big turnoff to many, so nothing has happened.
It would really not matter to me if other strangers joined or not. This feature would keep several racers ‘in touch’ over the winter months that would otherwise just be training alone in their basements on the trainer (perhaps on a different platform).


Hi Zwift Devs!

Just chiming in to echo the comments above - although I suspect there have been some developments on the topic since the earlier posts.

Our club currently does a weekly Meetup every Sunday and we are really loving this option. We set it up as “Everyone Stays Together” ride and once the the Meetup clock starts, we all go to our menu screens and select the same workout. This works okay, however I think I could be improved if we were able to assign the workout to the group during the Meetup set up process. That way, everyone would start each of the intervals at the same time, rather than the staggered start that we currently experiencing (due to some people having quicker trigger fingers than others!).

Thanks for considering!! :smile_cat:


@Anna_Linegar Check out the link below.

It sound like Eric is saying you should select the workout before the meetup start.

See the : ONE STEP MAGIC section.

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