Host workout session in group meet up

Currently for group meet ups the host and in our case the cycling coach for our club can’t just have everyone do a workout.
Each individual needs to create the workout or upload a workout file to Zwift also resulting in everyone in the group meet up starting and finishing their workout sessions at different times.

Can you please allow the host to set a workout for all attendees?

Agreed. It would be nice to arrange a training session with friends all on the same routine at the same time.

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You can. All they have to do is load the training file on Zwift and start the workout while waiting for the meetup to start.

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Yes that feature might be there but that’s not what I’m after. This feature would make it easier for every single member in our triathlon club.
We use this and it’s horrible. Some also are older and the tech skills aren’t there so they miss out.
This feature you’re talking about isn’t the same feature as just turning up to the meet up and the host having it all organised.