Organize a meet-up with a workout selected (versus selecting a route and duration/mileage)

I love the meetup feature in the Zwift Companion app, but it lacks the ability to create a meet up for a training plan workout (my team and I train together.) I know you can join other riders who are already in-world, but it would be much easier for our club to have a scheduled training session in-app, where we are the only visible riders on the course.

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You can actually do that already.
When you are waiting at the start of the meetup you can goto the menu and select a workout (or press E) on the kb.

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This requires everyone in the meetup to select the correct workout while they are waiting at the start. While it is the only available work-around right now, my guess is the request is for a predetermined workout to be selected by the meetup creator so everyone is not fumbling to get ready at the start. Just show up and the workout starts automatically after the countdown.

With the new clubs option it sounds like it is on Zwift’s to-do list to add this functionality and you will be able to create workout events, but it is not clear how long before this would be available.

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Yes it’s a workaround but it is very easy and the nice thing about it is everyone can do different workouts or some can even free ride. Just pick keep together.

Oh sweet! Thanks Gerrie—much appreciated.