Ability to create public group workouts/rides or rides?

Hello beautiful people from Zwiftland!

First off, let me say that zwift is saving a huge amount of people from turning crazy with the lockdown happening these days. Thank you so much :kissing_closed_eyes:

Second, i’m fairly new to this world and am trying to accomodate training programs for my tri club. I read on zwift insider that group wokouts should be done thru meetups instead. Fair enough but how can I create public workouts/races/rides like those I see from the herd of tower26 for example? I want the athletes from my club and everybody else to just click “join” on the list of zwift events. We have a list of amazing group workouts that we would love to do on zwift.

Looking forward to your thoughts! And Ride On!

Hello @tamizboule and welcome to the forums.

This thread should help answer your questions.

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It does thank you very much mike. Have a great weekend.