Ability to create public group workouts/rides or rides?

Hello beautiful people from Zwiftland!

First off, let me say that zwift is saving a huge amount of people from turning crazy with the lockdown happening these days. Thank you so much :kissing_closed_eyes:

Second, i’m fairly new to this world and am trying to accomodate training programs for my tri club. I read on zwift insider that group wokouts should be done thru meetups instead. Fair enough but how can I create public workouts/races/rides like those I see from the herd of tower26 for example? I want the athletes from my club and everybody else to just click “join” on the list of zwift events. We have a list of amazing group workouts that we would love to do on zwift.

Looking forward to your thoughts! And Ride On!

Hello @tamizboule and welcome to the forums.

This thread should help answer your questions.

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It does thank you very much mike. Have a great weekend.

Hi - I’m trying to find out the same thing. Unfortunately, that linked thread doesn’t exist anymore. Do you have any insight you can share, please?! Thank you!

What do you want to do?

Hey Gerrie,

I would like to run structured group workouts that show up on the events tab, with a fence, etc. Something that you just click on to participate without having to meet & download a workout separately.

The info I found about this is vague. And Zwift support isn’t getting back to me so I figured I’d try here.

You will have to contact Zwift for that. Getting on the events Tab is not an easy task.


Thanks Gerrie! Yeah, I figured. Did get in touch with them but haven’t heard back.

This is something I wish Zwift would be more professional about. Information on how to do that is more than scarce. Or how do you get personalized kit for instance, that’s another one. They should have transparent guidelines for stuff like that.

The way this has been organized seems random at best.

Oh well…thanks for chiming in.