How to schedule a Zwift event?

Hi there -

I’m looking to schedule a group event for our local tri club, but I can’t seem to find details on how that might happen. Is there a cost? What are the steps? Etc.

I searched the forum but couldn’t seem to see anything.

Thanks so much in advance!

To set up a specific event (or searchable on the companion app) it needs to be done by Zwift IIRC. You can create a meetup and invite the specific people you want to join (I believe you need to be friends on zwift first) through the companion app as well. To do this go to Events under the companion app and click the 3 busts icon at the top (to the right of the running figure) and click create meetup.

Hi @Kevin_Steele welcome to Zwift forums.

If you’re getting some friends together, Meetups are the self-serve way to do it. Instructions are on our support hub.

If you find that your meetups are super popular and you’re regularly having a few hundred friends who want to join - that’s when you’d ask our events team to create regularly scheduled group rides / runs.


I’m happy this came up. :blush:

I find that a very problematic proposition, to be honest. For starters, if you organize a meetup, you can only invite people that follow you.

I’d assume that everybody has at least one quarter of followers who’d never be interested anyway, and another quarter that wouldn’t be able to keep up with whatever you come up with, so a conservative requirement for accumulating “a few hundred” participants would be in the neighborhood of 500 followers at least.

And you can only invite 50 people to a meetup. What are the chances all 50 will join you? Having a “few hundred” friends joining you is literally impossible with the current limitations.

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Literally. But I also have a problem with the quality/quantity ratio. There are a lot of huge group rides (300+) that are really terrible, To be honest, anything I see that has close to 200 before the start I usually don’t join anymore.

Due to the performance limitations of riders you can see around you, less than 100 is ideal. 50 would be more than enough, but you lose the fliers and peeps who drop, 80 is my own sweet spot.

YOU GUYS. The point is there’s an upgrade path to follow. If your meetups are a regular, popular thing, ask our events team.


Thanks @shooj for the info! I guess I’m stuck for now.

It would be nice if there were something ‘in between’ a formal invite, and an invite configured for a particular group within the companion app.

Similarly, it would be really nice if I could provide a link to a scheduled meetup outside of the Companion app.

Hi Zwift team,

I have more or less the same interest for my triclub as well. Except I would like to be able to customize the meet up using customized training plan as I can do in solo. But it seems the only option seems to be a free ride right?
Is there any way to match my request without going through a request to the dedicated event team since I want to be able to plan several training during the week? Cheers Julien

Here is a work around.

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Thanks a lot! You are the one! Stay safe and enjoy ur ride mate

Hopefully the “event” is a feature that cycling clubs could implement by the time the next pandemic comes around, using “meetup” to run a race just doesn’t work.