Select any custom group workouts - vote!

I know there are several posts about this, but none seem to have garnered many votes. Let’s have the option to choose any workout, either from the Zwift library or our own custom workout library.

Introducing group workouts with custom options would open up so many enjoyable possibilities, not just for local groups and workout training groups, but also for trainers and more.

Currently, we have to upload custom workouts to everyone’s Zwift, arrange a meetup, and then start the same workout individually.

I understand that Zwift says it’s not easy to implement. However, with winter approaching, the ability to invite friends to a custom workout would be incredibly appealing.

I’ve voted here, sounds interesting!

Zwift obviously already has a mechanism to deal with workouts files, in their group workouts: A local copy of the .zwo is created on your computer when logging into the group ride, then loaded automatically!

Somehow privileged organizations like “Rowe & King”, “Squadra Castelli”, “Endure IQ” etc. are allowed to use this mechanism, too.

Zwift Support ignores the requests from us ordinary users… They seem to focus on Zwift play and use full developent and QA capacity in covering the new bugs in each update… :disappointed_relieved:

FWIW indieVelo just added this. We’ve been testing group BeatBiker album rides and it seems to work well. Would be nice to have over here as well.