Late join personal group rides

I run a 100km group ride every week. Not everyone in my list can make the start time, or ride the entire 3 hours. Id love an option to allow them to join wherever, not just within the first 30min. Also, would permit them to rejoin the group if there is a technical glitch part way through.


This would be awesome and for club rides too not just meetups. If its not a “results” ride this would be great. our morning workout group where we BYOW to a rubber banded meetup, some of us want to start earlier because we have longer workouts and some later.


As an organizer of meetups for our team and other groups, this would be so helpful. We stretch timezones and work schedules. Flexibility to have a large window hour for the entire meetup to join and not just 30 min would make a great impact for us as a community.


Totally agree, especially since as another poster mentioned these are social rides, not tracking results. Why can’t folks just drop in? Especially
if they get kicked out. Also, there’s no worse feeling than waking up early and rushing to get on the meetup only to have an update or a veeeeeery slow loading world cause you to miss the cutoff :sob:


I also support the functionality of a late join much longer than the current restricive window. We should be able to rejoin anytime until the event ends.


This feature would benefit many groups on Zwift. For Meetups, Club events, etc. Please consider for non-racing activities!


Would love to see this! I would be able to join so many more group rides!!!


This would be such a great option to have. Many of the group rides I want to join are much longer than I need to ride for. Would be nice to have the option to delay joining until later in the ride.