Late join anytime

I would love to see a " late join anytime" option beyond the 30 minute start time. I understand that joining late after 30 minutes in a scheduled 45 minute group ride does not make sense, but sometimes you just want to join your buddies in a group ride or banded meet if it’s a 60, 90 minute or longer ride, and being able to still join in would be a nice feature. Especially when you miss the late join window by only a few minutes!

It does seem arbitrary, doesn’t it? Rather than a 30 min limit, a slider to choose the late join time would be nice.

It would also help people who encountered technical difficulties, or crashed Zwift, and want to rejoin the ride they were already on

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I would also like this feature.
I spoke to zwift about it and they directed me here to gain traction for the idea so it hopefully catches the eyes of the developers.