Rejoin group ride at any time; for group ride leaders

We had a group ride today with over 200 riders and Zwift crashed for the leader, and he couldn’t rejoin since it was past the 30 min deadline. I was the red beacon and took over the lead. Sadly, my zwift crashed as well (the current camera companion app bug apparently) and I couldn’t rejoin either. The group was leaderless.

I think if would be great if you could make it so yellow (and hopefully re) beacons for group rides can rejoin at any time, in case this happens. I’ve seen it happen more than once. Very frustrating for everyone.

It would be great if that was a feature for all. even in races.

and just get rid of the 30 min late join and make the timing for late joined manageable by event organiser.


What is the perceived benefit of limiting late joins anyway?

I doubt anything but it was designed as 30 minutes years ago and never been looked at again. Apparently it breaks things if it’s more than 30.

While i’d love to see it more than 30 minutes I’ve also got a long list of other stuff that zwift could develop so this would be not near the top of my list if it requires a significant amount of work

For sure on the list. It seems like one of those issues that would take a couple of backspaces and a “*” added, but I know enough to know that it’s not always like that :slight_smile: