Can there be a feature where if your computer crashes that when you restart Zwift within say 5 minutes there is an option to join route where you left off so that you are not 1 mile away from checking off a route and your computer decides not today. (I know there are times when this wont work in races etc. but can be frustrated when just trying to finish an event say the TDF and have to do route all over)

I had the same last saterday with stage 5 of TOW (the longer route). Was in the last 2 KM’s of the ride as the app closed on itself. I resarted Zwift and was asked to rejoin and I did. I was on the same route at the same spot again, but needed to start over again as I was suposedly in the lead in :rage:
After a few KM’s riding (passing the finnish line but not finnishing) I ended the ride. In ZC there are now 2 rides one of 52,7 KM and one of 55,1 KM. But no PR’s, badge or whatever vissibly and also well over 30K drops gone.

It is always fun on Zwift (NOT)

Be better if it just didn’t crash.

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this is an option on android, it is really useful so would be great to have it on PC too.

let’s keep this out of the realms of fantasy!

Yeah well that’s one of the reasons I’m deflated about the CPU load issues in the other thread. I’ve always been happy to tell people the game is perfectly stable and performs really well if you only have the right setup (which certainly doesn’t need to be expensive) but all these issues are starting to add up. There are too many caveats.


agreed with the caveats as to “when allowed” and I wasn’t blaming zwift, I was blaming my computer for deciding to restart on its own without warning me. But also had issues with my internet deciding to drop before.

That shouldn’t happen anyway if you keep on top of updates regularly, but look up the active hours settings. :+1:

I am able to use my work cpu for personal use and the IT has it set to override “remind me later” for updates to make sure people don’t ignore them.