PC/Mac Reconnect After Crash Doesn’t Work

What do you mean there’s no reconnect in 2021?

Actually, it’s already implemented. It’s called late join. Until you implement an actual reconnect, please add every rider starting an event to a late join list for the full event duration for non-race events, with an opt-out.

If you care more about people ‘stealing’ achievements (what is even the point if you don’t bike?) than you do about people getting kicked out 2 hours into a 4-hour ride with their friends — or for goodness sake, the beacons crashing out — feel free to gate event/route/whatever completion at the usual 30 minutes.

Nothing in software is trivial, but this is about as close to ground as fruits hang. FIX IT.

Networks will never, ever, ever be reliable. They will fail. Reconnection is essential.

Still crashing all over the place with no way to reconnect to a ride, which means I’m not able to do ride lead/sweep right now (and don’t feel like doing much else, not knowing if I can finish a race or whatever).

Please fix the missing reconnect implementation.

This seem like a network issue that need attention. Zwift should not be crashing often, in fact most of us never experience crashes, in over 1500 hours of Zwifting I had less the 10 crashes.

Yes it will be nice to have a option to resume after a crash, I think one of the supported device OS has that option.

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Yep, at least iOS has reconnect although not sure if it’s enabled for the full ride, or if it has some other limitations.

The network will always be unreliable, and machines will always crash for various reasons. It’s never going away, that’s why modern systems are built on the principle of resilience.