Allow rejoining or late-join on crashed rides

(Nick Desjardins) #1

After I planned my weekend around the March 2019 Fondo, Zwift for iOS crashed as I was leaving the starting corral. Since the ride did not allow late-join, I was not able to get back in, and had to wander around NYC instead. That was a disappointment since events like the Fondo series and the Tour de Zwift are really the best part of the Zwift experience.

Group rides like the Fondo series should allow rejoining. I understand that there’s some conflict between maintaining rankings and allowing late-join, so I would not mind if any of the following applied:

  • I rejoin from the exact spot I left off, perhaps falling behind and having to catch up
  • If I late-joined instead of crashing out, I have to start from the corral
  • I only join at the very back of the peloton (instead of the current late-join behaviour, which seems to place you closer to the front)
  • I’m DQ’ed from the leaderboard rankings (but I still get to see the names of the riders around me for the social group ride aspect)

(Christian Jensen [DBR]) #2

I had the same issue today.
Did a Danish Bike Riders race. Had 10 km left (or so) and was in a comfortable second place - AND THE GAME CRASHED!
It’s amazing that in 2019, you have a game you can’t rejoin if it loses internet for just a brief second.
It really destroyed my love for the game. :frowning: