Continue group ride option (rejoin group ride)

It would be nice to have an option to return to a group ride anytime if you have to restart Zwift.
An auto-backup of the “” file if you select that option would be great, too. Alternatively, auto-backup the file when restarting Zwift after a crash (maybe set a flag somewhere, when Zwift exited correctly, Flag not set -> backup recent fit-Files)

Background: On my last group ride several riders got kicked, because Zwift crashed. It is really annoying getting kicked on a long group ride after 2 or 3 hours making it impossible to finish.
The Bugs sections shows a highly increasing number of crash reports on all platforms. I guess the suggested option would be a good workaround as crash issues seem to have multiple, hard-to-solve or even not-to-solve sources.

Definitely needed IMO. This will also fix your tardy friends and avoid you having to recreate the whole meetup to have them join!

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Yes! I can see why you can’t have people join in the middle of an event if it’s a race, but if it’s just a group ride, it would be nice to rejoin or join if you’re late.

I’ve had connection problems before and missed a group ride by less than 10 seconds on more than one occasion.

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