Late join on meetups

Late join would be great for meetups, wouldn’t be hard, and would make it good for people in different timezones to join in.

With the new meetup features, I have been using then almost every time that I ride. Late join would be amazing especially as folks have technical difficulties and drop out or are just late to the party.

Would be best if you just allow riders to join a meetup at anytime while happening versus a set period.


NOTE** this is copy/pasted from my post on the zwift insider Facebook page so the context might look a little funny, but the intention and points are all the same


#3 - if I make a group meetup, and I set it to keep group together (I love this feature btw) I want people to be able to join on my ride at any time as opposed to having to get into the lobby ahead of time to take part (my friends lives don’t revolve around my meetups nor do I want them to). I’ve literally had meetups get completely derailed bc of: 1) the “join meetup” button not appearing (which actually happens almost every time) and people have to log out and log back in to get it to pop up, and 2) learning curves with the poor Main screen UI (edit: to piggy back on this one, maybe have an additional meetup modifier that either allows late join or has a mandatory start time so people can cater to whatever it is they are trying to do) (edit edit: ALSO! Just thought of this one, it would be cool if they had, in addition to the power numbers that you are producing individually, they had a separate “data bar” for groups using “keep group together” so you can see what the actual shared watt/kg of your group is! Could be extra motivating for people all taking ownership in moving the group forward)


I agree - would be nice if riders could late-join my meetups.

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I definitely agree, please can late join be added to meetup’s asap. Riders are so used to this facility on other events that it makes no sense not to include it in meetups. I regularly have riders join a meetup I schedule, having missed the start, who then have to ride in ‘silence’, as they are unable to see the groups messages. Meetups are a great feature and this would definitely help to get people involved.


I believe so, but you won’t see any of the groups messaging.

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This is not hard to implement and quite an obvious feature, why not allow late joiners in meetup? They are not races, they are intended for social riding, why does it matter if somebody is late?


Today you can join any of your friends that are already riding, this is no different. Beside that is just a code monkey typing on a keyboard. So, not hard.

For a ‘late join’ , as an example you can make the ride 90 minutes instead of 60, but tell riders we meet at 10 a.m. and will begin riding at 10:15 a.m. Gives a 15 minute buffer. So if someone has a technical glitch they at least have a small window to connect.

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