I’ve been using the Meetup functionality each weekend since release for a group endurance ride with 15-20 friends. I have a few suggestions:

  1. Ability to assign a second/backup leader at the time of creating the meetup or during meetup ride for instances when the meetup operator has to leave or has sensor dropouts (I’ve been on Zwift since Jarvis and only within the last month have I suffered many ride ending/required restart dropouts which really sucks when you are a meetup leader).

  2. Private Meetup in-game messaging. Currently, the companion app meetup messaging attempts to be meetup-only but appears to mix every other meetup in the same feed. Also, the green messages that fly out from the rider list in-game get covered by regular global messages requiring you to look at the companion app to find out what your friend messaged. The problem here is having to scroll through pages of other meetup messages trying to find messages from your meetup. We’ve given up on Zwift messaging and have fallen back to Discord but it’s a pain getting everyone connected to that.

  3. Ability to schedule a meetup for another “world” or the option to hide other riders like races. It’s crazy trying to keep a group together in NYC on a Saturday morning with 8000 other riders.

  4. Ability to schedule a meetup based on laps of specified route.

----- EDIT --------
5. Today I was invited to a meetup. I accepted it. At about 4 minutes before the meetup I was prompted to join and was given choices “Join Now” and “Not Yet”. I selected “Not Yet” and expected I would be prompted again before the start or have the join meetup button in lower left. I wasn’t prompted, nor was there any way I could see to join it after turning down the join request with “not yet”. I’m guessing I would have needed to exit the game and restart but by that point of time the meetup had started and I was “locked out” of it. Yes, I know I can “ride with” but it’s not the same.

So this feature request is to keep a “join meetup” button on the screen like “join event” currently or re-prompt the user 1 minute before the start. Also, this request is to add the ability to join a meetup late.

----- EDIT 2 --------
6. Today my Saturday meetup only had 7 people. Everyone accepted the invitation and joined on time. However, 4 riders were dropped onto the course at the spawn location from last week’s meetup and couldn’t see me. When the meetup started those four rode off onto last week’s route while two others plus I rode on today’s selected course. The other four had to exit the game and then rejoin with the “ride with” option. One oddity of today that may just be a coincidence is the group that was properly placed all were either running AppleTV or iPads. While everyone else was on windows or mac laptops.

----- EDIT 3 --------
Another Saturday meetup and another failure. Half of group went the wrong way and wrong route… including me, the meetup originator. 5 out of 6 meetups have failed miserably, our Saturday group is going back to “ride with” and foregoing the not-ready-for-primetime meetup functionality. I look forward to this becoming something other than an alpha feature.

I agree with your points! The piston on the route is huge. My group is lost.

I tried to set up a group ride last night, 3 attempts

  1. The others joined and I could not figure out how to join my own event

  2. My Connection dropped out and everyone went missing

  3. When you say later to an event prompt it does not come back

  4. We all joined in different places

  5. I had issues with the companion app, why does my phone need to be on the network, and not 4G?

  6. After my 3rd attempt i could not start any more so someone else had a go with similar issues.

We gave up in the end. I really want this to work


Good feedback. As we are currently on meet-ups 1.0 I would expect a few issues/ bugs and some user operative problems.

I have used it a few times without issue but club mates have cancelled the invite and then not been able to get on to our ride.

One way of combatting keeping everyone together is to all wear the same kit. We have opted for orange caps, green jerseys and orange socks. A combo that not many have. Maybe pick a bright, less popular jersey/ kit to make picking out mates easier. We have a group wattsapp so state the kit to wear on messages on the morning of the ride.

Discord is also really good. We have our own club discord portal and use it on our group rides. Communicating on discord during our event helps ensure that everyone stays close and in a tight Peloton.

Thanks, luckily we were using a Whatsapp group. Not sure what discord is though.

I appreciate we are on 1.0 and really enjoy the platform and looking forward to more developments around team rides to make it easier to use.



Any news on meetup updates? The 50 person invite limit is awful. It’s been a big pain in the butt trying to organize a weekly meetup for our 300 person strava club. I’m spending hours of time each week, managing who has declined so I can add others on the waitlist, managing a separate spreadsheet. This is absurd.


Any progress on this?

My first two meetup attempts have failed, with all the problems already listed above.

We resorted to WhatsApp for messaging as that failed too.

Two riders appeared at the meeting location but weren’t part of the group.

There’s no late join.

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The same thing just happened to me. On games consoles this is a simple and easy feature to use. I was the organiser and I was the only one who couldn’t get in?

Rejoining after a system crash wold be very nice!!

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Yep, same issue with riders not getting the “join” button , including myself as the organizer!

Meet-up is useful, however I hope the function be expanded to some race like function, such as a result box show up at the end of the meet-up, and a start line at the beginning. Sometimes we want a private small race for friends. I believe it won’t be difficult to set

Hi, I love the meet up feature, my friends have varying cycling abilities and we can all ride together and put in what ever effort you want. However, can you please change it so if people join late they can still join the ride. It is very frustrating when someone joins a minute late and can’t join in.

Any news on Metup updates comin up? Would like to see

  • Hiding all non-meetup riders (makes it much easier to track participants in impromptu races or group rides)
  • Race leaderboards
  • Invite more than just those who follow you
  • Group workout capabilities
  • Choose any Zwift route on any course, not just Watopia + the scheduled guest course
  • Allow late join
  • Audio chat

I’m new here to the forums so not sure if I should try to club my meetup here or create a new topic but I find the whole meetup interface completely frustrating.

  • today I started a meetup with my companion app and because I didn’t click the button fast enough in the main app I was not put in the meetup and had no way to join.
  • in another meetup I was part of the app crashed , asked me if I would like to rejoin, but instead put me in some random place and I had no way to rejoin.
  • the whole time thing is dumb, we should have ability to have an open meetup or just be able to impromptu ride with a buddy. It’s overly complex.
  • we need the ability to join / and or change locations via the companion app since the main app may be on a larger device that is not easily accessible while “on bike”.

I think meetups need their own (built-in) audio channel in Zwift Companion. Wahoo has thrown down the gauntlet. Can Zwift match the audio capabilities of SYSTM?