Meetup Bugs and AppleTV Oddity

(Jeff Miesemer (TBC) ) #1

Please refer to my feedback here for Meetup suggestions and bugs: Meetups

AppleTV/Zwift/CA Issues:
I’ve recently attempted to use AppleTV after experiencing too many dropouts on my laptop over the past month (things have been stable for 2+ years, then about the time of CA v3 release, my setup has become very fragile).

The oddity with AppleTV:

  1. AppleTV on my home 5G network and iPhone XS on 5G network causes sensors to not be found and companion app stuck at connecting.
  2. AppleTV on 5G and iPhone XS on 2.4G network and everything connected.
  3. Retried #1 and still no connections
  4. Retried #2 and connected without issue.
    5 After about two hours of riding this morning the CA would drop out and I’d lose my cadence sensor, then it would reconnect for a moment and drop back out repeatedly. Eventually, it was out for 20 minutes then connected for the last 10 minutes. My iPhone was set to never sleep and the CA was always the active application.

The orange RPM dropping to zero corresponds to CA disconnects.

(Lin) #2

Make sure your phone is updated to the latest iOS. One of the 12.x patches included WiFi and LTE fixes.

If you can configure separate SSIDs for your 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi, I recommend doing so and then removing the 2.4GHz SSID from your iPhone. That way, you can be sure it is only connecting to the 5GHz. With both configured, the phone might prefer the 2.4GHz or it might go back to 2.4GHz if the 5GHz is deemed slow or unstable.

Then, I suggest you do some testing w/your iPhone on 5GHz wireless vs 2.4GHz wireless. A lot of people are having issues w/the iPhone XS w/5GHz WiFi, even when adjacent to the basestation.

(Jeff Miesemer (TBC) ) #3

Thank you very much for your reply.

I just checked and my iPhone is current with updates:

SSIDs are different for 2.4GHz and 5GHz

The problem with forgetting 2.4GHz on iPhone is that that appears to be the network that is giving me a working Companion App connection with AppleTV connected to 5 GHz network (I realize this just sounds wrong but that is what I’m seeing). Following along your logic, do you think the AppleTV might be reporting that it is set for 5 GHz but actually falling back to 2.4? Both 5 and 2.4 use same credentials.