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Hi guys I’m having lagging problems on Apple TV I have Wi-Fi signal but on phone it’s fine but when I connect Apple TV it’s lagging any ideas? I can’t use the phone it’s to small I have reset Apple TV all updated but still the same driving me mad :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: any help please

I can’t explain the difference between the two devices but you might try doing a network speed test on the Apple TV to see if you get a reasonable result. That could help rule out Wi-Fi problems as the cause.

If network performance isn’t good on the Apple TV, you could try configuring two separate Wi-Fi networks - one on 2.4GHz band and one 5GHz, then test Zwift on both. (Assuming your Wi-Fi access point supports 5GHz.) The 2.4GHz band has better range but is more vulnerable to radio interference. 5GHz is faster but doesn’t reach as far and is more vulnerable to physical barriers.

Hi how do I know what ghz it’s on please

I’m not sure there’s a way to tell that on iOS or tvOS, but you can usually tell by logging in to the router or access point. And if you have separate SSIDs (network names) for 2.4GHz and 5GHz configured on the router as I suggested, then you would know which one the client device is using. It’s pretty common to use a single SSID for both bands and have the client automatically connect to whichever one works best, but most routers will let you specify different SSIDs for the different bands so you can connect to one or the other.

Also if you start by doing the speed test, and the Apple TV performs well, then you probably don’t care which frequency you’re using.

Make sure you force-close the Zwift app on the ATV between sessions.

Hi have done that I’m stumped

Have you already reinstalled the Zwift app and rebooted the Wi-Fi access point? You might want to contact Zwift support.

In what way is it lagging? You don’t need an internet connection at all once you’re in the game world in that you can ride fine without one, just that you won’t see any other riders and won’t be able to save without a connection.

So if it seems laggy in-game then it’s unlikely to be anything to do with your wifi.

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Yeah I think it’s the Apple TV as on iPad fine but soon as u conect it it pauses then goes then pauses but noticed when Spotify is though Apple TV same thing I have ordered a hdmi cable from iPhone to tv see if that works

Couple of things for you to check:

  • Is your Apple TV almost full? (Settings > General > Manage Storage)
  • Is your Apple TV updated to the latest version? (Settings > System > Software Updates: Update Software)

Also, be sure to force quit Zwift after each session.

Hi I’m using the apple box just to AirPlay through my phone

Why are you using AirPlay as opposed to running Zwift directly on the ATV? Sounds like AirPlay is the problem.


Indeed! I’ve run it on my iPhone and then Airplayed it to my AppleTV while troubleshooting. It works, albeit with a slight but noticeable lag. But straight iPhone or AppleTV no issues.

Hi all I’ve just got a hdmi lead now so from iPhone direct to tv and it works :blush: so I was using a 2nd generation Apple TV box which later will get smashed up as done my head right in lol thanks for your comments :+1: