Im using zwift with newest apple tv and wahoo kickr. Connecting through mobile hotspot because i have no wired connections or wifi where my setup is.
Im constantly getting dropouts approximately 5 sec each minute. All other riders disappear during dropout. Really annoying.
Everything is updated.
Is the issue related to my use of mobile hotspot and any suggestions to a solution?

Hi @Martin_Thorhauge, welcome to the forums.

The “all riders disappearing” symptom is usually always due to a network dropout, I would assume your mobile network is the cause. The best solution is get a wired or wifi network to your location if at all possible.

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But mobile coverage is strong in my area so i think it’s strange that this is the issue. But maybe mobile hotspot is not that stable compared to wired connection

Try doing a network speed test on the Apple TV. You could also be experiencing WiFi interference, since there are two wireless networks in use - it could be either one that is not performing well. 2.4GHz more commonly suffers from radio interference. 5GHz more commonly suffers from extended distance or physical barriers (walls, etc). If the hotspot supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, you may be able to force it onto a specific band if it lets you configure separate network names for each band.

But im using my phone as a mobile hotspot for connection (4g). So i dont think it its 2.4 vs 5 ghz issue?

Using the iPhone you probably have no control over which band is used, so ignore that part. But you should still do a speed test on the AppleTV to see if you’re getting decent performance. Do the same speed test on the phone and see if it’s significantly different. Move the phone to another location (outdoors?) and see if the speed test is any different.