Meetups in new Companion App


(Greg A) #1

Love the new Meetups feature in the Companion App.

Predictably, I would like an additional feature:

  • The ability to create Meetups as group workouts, including custom workouts created with the desktop application. This way, we could use the “rubber-band effect” to ride with people of different abilities and still stay together.

Thanks and keep up the great work!

(Fabio Mussi [BDC]) #2

I think a simple update could be the possibility to create meetups without inviting friends.

I’d like that my teammates could join my meetup like i do with an official zwift event. a way could be that when a user log in zwift friends in the meetup warmup could be shown as ‘meetup host’

we are a team of 75 members…i can’t send 75 invites every time :smiley:

(Simon Mitchell ) #3

Can friends be highlighted in a race? That shows on app screen map.

(Jim Mattson) #4

It seems like a generally useful feature would be groups/teams/clubs. Then perhaps you could invite one or more groups to which you belong to a meetup.

(Mark Pyle Ky) #5

Great additional feature. My group can now ride together whenever/wherever we want without choosing a scheduled event. No need for beacon on organizer of meetup. Enjoyed the individualized sprint segment postings for the group, nice touch. I liked the highlighting of persons in our group on the scrolling riders. It made it easy to tell when we were grouped up. Would like to be able to invite those that I follow, not just those following me. Also, those accepting invitation need to join at least 2:00 prior to ride otherwise they blow by at the start. Overall great feature.

(Stephanie Lafay) #6

Hey there, does meet up work for you ? I have created one and my friend didn’t receive the invitation …

(Mark Pyle Ky) #7

Yes worked for me, but was only able to invite those following me.

(Greg A) #8

Worked for me (Android version). Maybe your friends needed to update their companion app, before receiving the invitations (I am just guessing)?

(Pitch Blank) #9

any reason why it is not available for windows and mac?

(Chris Tomasini) #10

Love the concept of the MeetUp function, but can we discuss the location of the MeetUp button on a cyclist’s profile page, inside the app? I’d rather the RIDE ON button was prominent at the top of the profile, and the Meet Up button was down lower.
I’m far far far more likely to be clicking on a profile, to give a ride on, than to be suggesting a Meet Up, so it makes more sense (to me) for the Meet Up button to be lower on the page and less “in your face” than the Ride On button.