Zwift Companion Release: April 17 (3.13 iOS, Android)

Happy Friday Zwifters,

Today we are releasing Zwift Companion version 3.13 for iOS and Android devices. This update should be available in the Apple App Store and Google Play store in the next few hours.

This release has a few very cool features for Meetups that we think you’ll enjoy.

Meetups on 6 different worlds
First up, we’ve added the ability for Zwifters to select additional worlds for their Meetups. No longer are you tied to the Watopia + Guest Worlds schedule for your Meetup needs. You can now schedule a meetup on Watopia, Innsbruck, London, New York, Richmond or Yorkshire. Get out there an explore (and earn some route achievements with your friends!)

Invite up to 100 followers to your meetup
Secondly, we’ve increased the meetup invite limit from 50 invites to 100. This means you and 100 of your closest friends can enjoy crushing segment PRs or just crushing along via the Meetups system.

Meetups continue to be a very popular way for Zwifters to ride and run together and we’re working hard to bring new functionality to the system. Let us know what other features you would like to see for Meetups in the thread below.

In addition to the Meetups improvements, we’ve also added a few other features and bug fixes including:

  • Adidas Runtastic connection support
  • Meetup invite improvements
  • Numerous Zwift Clubs fixes and improvements

If you see any issues with the latest update, please let us know in the thread below.

Ride On! :ride_on:


Thanks @Wes, this is great!

One addition I would love to see is being able to turn off “keep everyone together” mid ride for the sprint and KOM segments, then turn it back on to regroup everyone. Is this possible in a future update?

Also, being able to put a discord link in the description would be fantastic, currently it is not a “clickable” link when copy and pasting them into the companion app.


Will it be possible to create a link to a meetup so that we can post it on our website so people can just click it and the first 100 will get into the meetup. Instead of selecting 100 riders from our favorites.


Would be good on the running, that the lead comments can be seen by all the group through out the whole run no matter the distance. as we are a running group with different paces the motivational comments will not reach all runners once the field is spread out.


Can we have the option of late join?


Wonder what they are?

yes, late join is more of an issue than the rider limit in my experience and I have done plenty of meet ups.


I also wonder if we will ever get “KEEP EVERYONE TOGETHER” aka Rubber Band for running. That would be awesome!


Most requests would be covered by the club functionality, but a couple of good things for meetups would be:

Option to hide other riders
Allow more text in the description
Late join
Allow a fence - would be great to have a fence rather than keep people together, then release the fence for sprints or climbs. Or even toggle between keep everyone together or not, to achieve the same thing


@Wes please could we have the option for the meetup to be a ‘race’ on the same drop down as the ‘keep everyone together’
The only additional things in game would need to be a leaderboard whilst riding and then one at the end, just like races are at the moment on zwift.


Plus one on the late join. Almost every meetup I have done I have had to reschedule as either me or one of my mates wasn’t ready.


Late join for meetups would be amazing…


Another here backing the late join as well, many of our club members have not been able to get into a meet.
maybe also instead of 3 mins before the event the join event comes up change it to 5 mins


Any chance you can fix the “do it again” function so it doesn’t remove random riders from the previous meetup? It gets difficult having to go in and doublecheck and include anyone dropped off. Thanks!

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That is one of the “most wanted” things on my list to :slight_smile:

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@Marcus_Haughton this!

@Wes it would be really cool to be able to turn on/off Keep everyone together mid ride. Also if we can include Jarvis the Bear here (not only in Club Rides) as a pace setter, that would be great :slight_smile:

Also, shareable invite links to join. Club Rides (if extended later for small clubs) mitigate this issue somewhat, but still, a shareble link would be great.



Created thread on Features earlier as replies not open.

Make the time window to schedule a meet-up longer, eg 3-4 weeks/rolling month, not limited to 7 days.

Difficult to arrange with friends and community at short notice as people may have other rides/races they are committed to, indoors and outdoors.

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Thx for the news Wes, good job.

My 2 cents: as others have already said…

  1. Late Join please

  2. Make meetups ‘pubblic’ (for our follower at least) please. I admin a 140 people strong Group and during these days i have to send a ‘selection’ of invites asking who is interested or not.

  3. Includes Bologna and Crit City too.

  4. Something like a route editor

Thx for the support