Zwift Companion Release, December 6 (3.0.0 iOS, Android)

(Vincent W.) #1

Hey Zwifters! We released the new Zwift Companion app (ZC) update for iOS and Android. It’s a big one.

Check out our article over at

Here’s the release notes:

New Enhanced Activity Feed, complete with activity details. You can now see all the run or ride data in detail, along with interesting things that happened along the way.

Meetups. You can now invite your followers to ride or run with you at a set time and place.

Training Plan View. With the whole plan now visible you can now see what is coming up, as well as inspect your previous workouts.

Ride On.

New York Map not visible in Companion App
(Lin Alan) #2

Very very nice revamp of the Companion app! :+1:

(Jim Mattson) #3

I especially like the new Activities page.

(Aaron Zwanzig) #4

I like the activities. I like how the speed of the payback is relative to your actual effort. I’m curious if it can be slowed down, paused or reversed. I would like to see an elevation profile of the route.

I like the events arrangement by day.

I like the meetups. I think that might be the coolest feature so far.

Nice work, Zwift!

(Markus Nübel [R2]) #5

Is it possible to switch the language back to English?
After the update the app uses the tablet language.

(Lin Alan) #6

Odd. Maybe that’s a tablet thing? Android or IOS?

My iPhone is in Chinese, but the app has always used English. The latest update did not change that. Even if wanted to, I can’t find a place in the Companion app to change the language.

(Eric Schlange [ZwftInsdr]) #7

Elevation profile can be seen on the first chart page (the one that shows power/cadence/HR)

(Markus Nübel [R2]) #8

Phone Samsung S5, Tablet Nexus7, both switch the app language to the device language.
I prefer using apps in English, because most times the translations are not correct or the words do not exactly match the meaning.

(Clive King [KRT]) #9

The race results by themselves are just adding fuel to the fire; no-one takes the Zwift scoreboard seriously after an event as they are not filtered correctly (Wkg/Cat/ZP etc), and the display of these should be optional for race organisers. ZP is the ultimate results board and that should be encouraged by Zwift. This just adds to confusion.

(Jose Manuel Lopez [Zesp]) #10

I would be nice if we could see the STT (or SP) in the activity detail :slight_smile:

(Daren Chandisingh 🌱 [Vision]) #11

When declining a Meetup invitation, I’d like to be able to add a note as to why I can’t go. Just saying “nope” seems a bit rude to me.

(Martyn Kimberley OP [B]) #12

Hopefuly the meetup feature will start to reduce the flyers in social and group ride events.

(Barb Jaeger) #13

I appreciate the new training plan review feature. Unfortunately the app crashes when I try to view the current plan. Happens on phone and iPad.

(Daren Chandisingh 🌱 [Vision]) #14

In this screenshot, the riders are all green in the Riders Nearby list.

Is this a feature of the “Meetup” functionality, or something internal to Zwift? If it’s part of the functionality, how does it work? Do you still see other Zwifters not in the same Meetup with grey backgrounds?

(e. 511 keV) #15

Hey Zwift Team,

Absolutely great update, Thanks for all the effort. I really like the scrolling timeline metrics.

e.511 keV

(Rob Case) #16

The new update is fantastic, nice work!

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #17

Thanks to the Zwift team:

I had a bit of time to play with the Companion App and it look very powerful. I did not ride using the app but can’t wait to try it. It look promising.

(Jeff Miesemer) #18

And is messaging private to the meetup group or public?

(Ira Schwartz) #19

Great update.
Activities page is excellent.

(Vincent W.) #20

Yes, green is only meetup members :slight_smile: