Zwift Companion Release, September 30 (2.4.4 iOS, Android)

Hey Zwifters!

We released the new Zwift Companion app (ZC) update 2.4.4 for iOS and Android. Here’s the official release notes:

• Made the loading of a day of events faster, so skipping by days is faster.
• Fixed a crash associated with text messaging while in game for a long time.
• Other bug fixes and improvements.
• Supports new running path on Watopia.

• Bug fixes for training plans, workout mode and localization.
• Supports new running path on Watopia.

As usual we’re all ears when it comes to feedback about changes, just respond to this thread. Or if there is something new you’d like to see, head on over to Feature Requests to post your idea.

You can download the app from the App Store and Google Play Store. Ride On!

I have an issue with the workout plan in the app on android. The plan shows up, even the next two workouts but when I click on the arrow to open details nothing happens. If I click on an individual workout the app crashes even after reinstall.
I’m using app version 2.44 (477) on Huawei Mate 20 Pro with Android 8.0 Patch August 2018


Same for me.
Any resolution?

since today it’s working. same version of companion but I think an newer server version (1.116.1)

Sorry for the delay Peter! Please let me know if you run into this issue again, or feel free to send in a support conversation

Still experiencing this issue on the Android Zwift companion app.

Training plan ‘build me up’

Same for me.

I am unable to bridge my laptop and phone using the companion app. Is that how it is supposed to work. I tried force stopping the app, switching Bluetooth off and on but still no connection made. What am I missing?