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As some of our veteran Zwift Forumers can ascertain, the Feature Requests section often sees many many duplicate topics. No one’s fault (well maybe’s someone’s) but I’ve decided to make a list of common feature requests …

Graphics options (2k/ 1440p/ Ultra) [Feature Requests] (8)
Apple TV - Provide a button to switch to using the companion app for pairing bluetooth devices [Feature Requests] (4)
Handling wattage drops less painfully [Feature Requests] (1)
Family and Child Plan Request ( 2 3 ) [Feature Requests] (40)
Garmin Vector 3 balance and cycling dynamics [Feature Requests] (11)
Prestige jersey effects [Feature Requests] (5)
Festive running shirt [Feature Requests] (3)
Can you make the trainer difficulty setting in the ios app show an actual value along with the crappy analog slider [Feature Requests] (1)
Make All Training Plan Workouts Usable as Solo Workouts [Feature Requests] (6)
Having a Club jersey ( 2 ) [Feature Requests] (32)
More functionality in Companion App [Feature Requests] (1)
Customise kit in the mobile app [Feature Requests] (1)
Companion app should work in landscape and portrait [Feature Requests] (3)
Please improve Training Plan schedule flexibility ( 2 ) [Feature Requests] (21)
Workout buttons vs. crossroads buttons in Comp App [Feature Requests] (1)
Pafers / BH i.conceps integration in ZWIFT [Feature Requests] (5)
Velodrome Simulation [Feature Requests] (10)
Zwift Companion button to return Ride On [Feature Requests] (7)
Allow Saves Without Exit ( 2 3 4 ) [Feature Requests] (63)
Enable multiple Ride On feature in group rides, events, and races [Feature Requests] (2)
Group Ride Leader Control (Tools) ( 2 ) [Feature Requests] (39)
Using XPs or TSS for power-up purchase in races [Feature Requests] (1)
Language selection on Zwift Companion App [Feature Requests] (9)
Weight equalizer / Handicap / Race option [Feature Requests] (5)
Level 25 riders should always get a power up ( 2 ) [Feature Requests] (21)
Gear sets / Equipment manager [Feature Requests] (2)
Borderless windowed mode [Feature Requests] (6)
Customize Ride On Face (Game Face) [Feature Requests] (2)