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Super Common Feature Requests [Feature Requests] (4)

As some of our veteran Zwift Forumers can ascertain, the Feature Requests section often sees many many duplicate topics. No one’s fault (well maybe’s someone’s) but I’ve decided to make a list of common feature requests …

About the Feature Requests category [Feature Requests] (2)
Future Courses/ Islands [Feature Requests] (13)
Mark kit as "favourite" and add filters [Feature Requests] (1)
Create Custom (shareable) Routes for Zwift Courses [Feature Requests] (1)
Velodrome Simulation [Feature Requests] (6)
Programmed Training programs details in Companion app [Feature Requests] (1)
Zwift workouts in the background iOS [Feature Requests] (5)
Family and Child Plan Request [Feature Requests] (19)
Riding with friends impossible (STILL). Can we finally make some improvements Please [Feature Requests] (8)
"Chase Mode" [Feature Requests] (1)
Request 1'000 [Feature Requests] (3)
DJ Rides with BPM [Feature Requests] (3)
Make the default all races and groups culled Show only riders in the event [Feature Requests] (5)
Make PR's/Segment times available for more than 30 days [Feature Requests] (8)
Warn in Companion App when no Wifi / disabled [Feature Requests] (1)
Report sensor battery level & warn when low [Feature Requests] (7)
Roostertails? [Feature Requests] (1)
Multiple Bike Profiles [Feature Requests] (4)
Be Able To Enroll In Both Running And Cycling Training Plans At The Same Time [Feature Requests] (6)
Make both Run and Cycling Training Plans available at the same time [Feature Requests] (4)
Wahoo Climb while in ERG mode [Feature Requests] (4)
Workouts provide feedback on comparison between sets [Feature Requests] (1)
Workout summary as Strava highlight photo [Feature Requests] (1)
Having a Club jersey ( 2 ) [Feature Requests] (22)
Audio coaching [Feature Requests] (2)
Duathlon race [Feature Requests] (5)
Resistance Modifier ( 2 ) [Feature Requests] (37)
CollorTag friends in grouprides/races [Feature Requests] (2)
Workout - Holiday Pause [Feature Requests] (2)