Zwift Companion v 3.52 [October 2023]

Hello Zwifters!

Zwift Companion version 3.52 has been released for iOS and Android. Please update at your earliest convenience.

  • Fixed an issue with the way warmup and cooldown blocks in workouts are displayed to ensure that the color of the blocks match the intended intensity for the block.
  • Fixed an issue where certain characters prevented full workout names from being displayed in the workout UI.
  • Fixed an issue where users could accidentally disconnect a device during a firmware update.
  • Various UI fixes for “Route Exploration.”
  • Fixed a bug during bridging that would prevent disconnected Bluetooth devices from being able to reconnect.
  • Fixed a bug in the event feed where rapidly advancing the date forward would cause an unexpected behavior within the event results.
  • Fixed an issue where time gaps in the race results preview may have differed from those shown in the game client on finishing the event.


  • Improved the scrolling performance of “Events” and “Explore” carousels on homescreen.
  • Fixed an issue on some devices where the device navigation could interfere with the workout UI.
  • Fixed an incorrect error message that appeared when users created a group workout in clubs.
  • Made improvements to the UI that appears when Zwift Companion and Zwift app first begin to pair.


  • Fixed an issue where the active worlds shown on the home screen were incorrect.
  • Fixed a validation issue that allowed Zwifters to create or edit a club without specifying a club name.
  • Fixed an issue with club events that duplicated routes and displayed an incorrect number of routes.
  • Fixed a bug in the event feed where rapid usage of the forward arrow would cause an unexpected behavior with the events displayed in the feed.

If you have questions about Companion version 3.52 or issues to report, please add a comment below.


Thank You.

Thank you. Is there any chance the Zwift Companion (and also in game) the World Schedule can match the active worlds being programmed into the game?

Is it possible for a future version of the ZCA to write speed, cadence and power data to the Apple Fitness app via Apple Health since IOS17 now allows the recording of this data?

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Can you add a feature where you can give ride ons all at once to everyone who has completed an activity since the last time you used the app? This would get rid if the need to give them one at a time for everyone in your feed.

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Many bugs when creating Meetup’s. Do not see all of my favorits to invite them.

FYI the new routes don’t show up in the Routes page in 3.52 (iOS)


Segment banners on the map now, nice.


Echoing above, I can access the new routes in Watopia but don’t see them as meetup or club event option routes. Will this be available for next week?

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When will it be possible to create an event with the new routes?

I can’t se the sprint times for the new roads in watopia in zc.
for sugar cookie and going coastal, it says no know segment for this route

I have never experienced ANY signal drop on my set up since i migrated to AppleTV two years ago.
Back in June I became one of the happy early adopters of Zwift Play. It has flawlessly worked.
Now since the Companion App version 3.52 all went south.
Absolutely nothing changed on my set up, and I have had to deal with signal drops during all my recent activities.
Trainer, HRM belt and Zwift Play. When I manage connections directly to ATV problem os gone, what leads me to believe the problem is on the companion app update.
Am I the only one?
Is there a way to roll back the companion version?

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I completed a workout this morning on the Watopia climb portal and wanted to port to a pacer for a warm down. I waited until I was back outside the portal and free riding around the volcano. However, the companion app menu didn’t show the porting option (screenshot above). I thought maybe I should take a manual turn to be completely free of the climb portal “history”, and then I noticed that the app menu was fixed and at the junctions the turn options didn’t appear as normal.
Everything was fine on my game menu (W10 pc), so that’s what I used.
Not sure whether this is a bug or intentional for the Companion App.

When doing a workout in a meetup. Workout screen doesn´t appear at my Android phone!

Same for me with my iPhone.