Companion crash starting workout [November 2023] [3.52]

@shooj latest Companion App on Android crashes while loading a Workout.

I select the workout and get the new workout screen. When clicking on Start Workout, I can select world and route and after this, I can see Companion App tries to load into the game tile and workout screen for a second, then crashes. This repeats endlessly.

As soon as the workout is finished, Companion App can connect to the game tile and stays connected.

HI @Mike_Medwed

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. Can we get a little more information? Which workout were you trying to start when this crash occurred?

Hi Shuji,

I tried to start a custom workout, the xml files get generated from Final Surge. This has always worked before, the only difference I could spot is either the companion App update or the new workout screen.

Last custom workout I did was on the 26th of October, without issues. Sadly, I can’t recall if it was on the actual companion app version or the previous one. But the new workout screen (showing the workout steps on the bottom with a massive huge Start Workout button) hasn’t been there.

I usually selected my workout like this: Go to workouts, click on one of the custom workout tiles and get to the old workout selection screen where I can scoll down the list on the left hand side. Then I picked the one I wanted to ride.

Thats when I noticed something different since the list view was gone and the new workout screen appeared upon clicking on a custom workout tile.

If you like I can upload the workout.xml

Greetings, Mike


Text files can’t be uploaded to the forum for the malware risk they pose. I’ll contact you offline. Watch for an email from me in your inbox (or maybe spam filter). :smiley:

Hi Shuji, I got your mail and the workout .zwo file is on the way to you.

UPDATE November 16:

We’ve identified the cause of the crash in Companion v3.52 and are working on a fix in v3.53.

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