Companion App - Workout Screen Empty

(Mark Foster) #1

I’ve downloaded several custom workouts but when I use them, the workout screen on the companion app is empty, the screen is there but has appears to have no knowledge of the workout I’m doing.

Any ideas ? I’ve even downloaded some of the workouts again to check they weren’t missing something.

(Paul Allen) #2

Is the Zwift Companion App and the device you are running Zwift on both on the same network? 

(Mark Foster) #3

Yes… the rest of the screens are fine, map, zwifters etc… just the workout screen

(Paul Allen) #4

Within the Zwift app you are using Workout mode or are you doing workouts will using Just Ride. Where did you get the custom workouts from?

(Mark Foster) #5

I chose the workout in the dropdown before starting to ride… I downloaded it from…

…and copied it to my documents/zwift/workouts folder


(steve bourgeault) #6

I have used the new workout tab twice since it’s inauguration and it worked fine but yesterday, I too, had the blank workout screen.  The only thing that was accurate was time in blocks.  everything was black but i could see the time of the blocks run down.