Zwift crash while using Companion app (Android)

(Christian Lankman TeamNL) #1

Today I did a workout testing the new features in the app. I got two zwift.exe crashes on my Windows 10 pc. Never had that before. The only thing that changed was the Companion app. Both times I was using the app for pausing, adjusting the difficulty setting, skipping the workout etc. And then it crashed.

Anyone with the same experience?

Log says:

[18:53:35] NETWORK:Delayed packet detected: Delay=85.02, Meters=117.8 networkID=230401, rider name=T
[18:53:36] ANT : [PowerMeter] CrankPower: EC: 149 WT: 005 Period: 43430 AccumTorque: 44493
[18:53:36] ANT : [PowerMeter] Vang = 9.70 radians/sec Tavg: 16.06 nm Pavg: 155.75 watts
[18:53:36] Starting critical power curve search job (183249747) mTimeStamp = 1798.59668 m_lastSearchTime = 1798.59668 calculating=false
[18:53:36] FE-C SIM GRADE 0.005
[18:53:36] ANT : Transfer Completed.
[18:53:36] ANT : FET grade set successfully
[18:53:36] ANT : [PowerMeter] CrankPower: EC: 150 WT: 006 Period: 44989 AccumTorque: 44899
[18:53:36] ANT : [PowerMeter] Vang = 8.25 radians/sec Tavg: 12.69 nm Pavg: 104.72 watts
[18:53:36] ANT : Rx Fail on channel 3
[18:53:37] NETWORK:Delayed packet detected: Delay=78.79, Meters=117.5 networkID=200715, rider name=D
[18:53:37] NETCLIENT:Auxiliary Controller: Attempting to connect to phone at:
[18:53:37] ANT : Rx Fail on channel 2
[18:53:37] FPS 28, 440569, 18581, 36057
[18:53:37] ANT : Rx Fail on channel 3
[18:53:37] NETCLIENT:Auxiliary Controller: connected successfully
[18:53:37] NETCLIENT:!DISCARDING command from phone: 20
[18:53:37] NETCLIENT:Sending Pairing Status of: true
[18:53:37] ANT : Rx Fail on channel 2
[18:53:37] FE-C 17 received
[18:53:37] FE-C SIM GRADE 0.005
[18:53:37] [ZML] Workout Changed
[18:53:37] [ZML] No workout file specified. Checking for in-memory workout
[18:53:37] [ZML] Workout text found!
[18:53:37] FE-C 17 received
[18:53:37] ANT : Transfer Completed.
[18:53:37] ANT : FET grade set successfully
[18:53:37] ANT : [PowerMeter] CrankPower: EC: 151 WT: 007 Period: 46917 AccumTorque: 45783
[18:53:37] ANT : [PowerMeter] Vang = 6.67 radians/sec Tavg: 27.63 nm Pavg: 184.37 watts
[18:53:46] NETCLIENT:ERROR: Failed one leg latency threshold test: 4667
[18:53:46] ANT : dID 1121080 SW Revision 13567 SerialNum 6968
[18:53:46] NETCLIENT:ERROR: Failed one leg latency threshold test: 4764
[18:53:46] NETCLIENT:ERROR: Failed one leg latency threshold test: 4764
[18:53:46] NETCLIENT:ERROR: Failed one leg latency threshold test: 4764

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

I’m going to create a ticket for this, Christian!

(John Binns) #3

Yes, same happened to me yesterday.  

(Tom Charnock) #4

Yes this happen to me. I’m new to Zwift and it has crashed twice both times when using the companion app on iphone.

I.e. Never crashed when not using the companion app, and never not crashed when using it!

One crash was 25 mins in and the other 1 hour so probably a pain to debug. 


(Peter Campbell) #5

Happened to me today. Just updated Companion (iOS) recently, besides which I tend to use the BLE connectors on my iMac directly. Guess if you have both on it defaults to Companion. BLE switched off in Companion and I’ll see if this still affects things. Kind of understand it when you have two different software components competing for the same sensor, if that’s what’s happening here.

(Thomas Clement) #6

Same thing here with my Companion (iOS). Never had this issue before. Now, if I open the Companion (iOS), Zwift crashes in the next secondes. I lost everything. I use Windows 10 with ANT+ dongle to connect my TACX Neo. Thanks for your help.

(Todd Waara) #7

Samething happened to me three times now!!! Zwift running ok for a while then the mobile app loses the new workout mode screen then next thing the program on the PC locks up. Upon restating ZWIFT none of my devices are recognized (HR, Cad, Hammer Traininer). Never happen before.

(Sean Madill) #8

This has happened to me several times in the last 2 months. Just short of 100k one time and with 2 switchbacks left on Alpe du Zwift another time. Frustrating to say the least! It occurred other times too so I just don’t use the Android app any more. Too bad .

(Thomas Clement) #9

Hi All,

I have the same issue. Do you know if a case is opened on the Zwift side to track the resolution? Did you do it?



(Christian Lankman TeamNL) #10

Hi Thomas, 


I`ve had contact with Zwift. The issue in my case was a faulty powermeter battery and to much use of other applications on my pc during zwifting according to Zwift. Since that moment I have not had the same problem.


Hope this helps!

Best regards,