Zwift Companion v3.54 [January 2024]

Hello Zwifters!

There are some significant changes for version 3.54 of the Zwift Companion app.

  • Starting with this release, Zwift Companion will require iOS 15 or newer. Companion v 3.53 will continue to function, but will be the last version compatible with iOS 13 or 14, and Zwifters on iOS 13 or 14 may not see features updates. If you are using iOS 13 or 14, you will see messaging to update within the Zwift Companion app and should also receive notification via email. The iPhone 6s and newer models can be updated to iOS 15. See this forum thread for details
  • Starting in this release, Zwifters will be able to explore and discover all the Workouts and Workout Collections available in Zwift from the Zwift Companion App—making it easy to see all Zwift workouts & help you work toward fitness goals. Your training zones will be displayed, making it easy to identify the best workouts for your goals, before you even jump on the bike!
  • Removed Today’s Plan logo from the Save Activity screen, which removes the functionality to save activities to your Today’s Plan account. On February 15, Zwift will no longer support syncing workouts from Today’s Plan. See this post for more information.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented showing all Bluetooth devices from the paired device dialog.
  • Fixed an issue where the workout dashboard presents an error when not performing a workout.
  • Fixed an issue to prevent the “Keep Together” setting from appearing as part of group workout settings.
  • Updated the “Keep Together” toggle behavior and added improved messaging for Club events.
  • Fixed an issue where campaign progress on the Home Screen was not showing completion correctly.
  • Updated “hardware” event filter to now include steering-only events.
  • Fixed an issue where Zwifters with deleted accounts would show incorrect values on race results.
  • Added the ability to see other users’ pace group category on their profile if their privacy setting allows it.


  • Fixed an issue that impacted bridging performance if the user recently performed a firmware update for Zwift hardware.
  • Improved “Find Zwifter” search to return better results when searching by first and last name.
  • Fixed an issue where Zwift Play disconnects would generate repeated error messages.
  • Fixed an issue on the Zwift Hardware screen where error dialog would persist if the Bluetooth was disabled during a firmware update.
  • Improved color contrast on “Zone 3” workout blocks


  • Fixed an issue where the player pin unexpectedly spins on the minimap.
  • Fixed an issue where tied race results would lead to incorrect data in the results page.
  • Fixed an issue where event restriction icons could have the wrong size.
  • Fixed an issue where the pace group category would show incorrect as ‘A’ for Zwifters without power data.
  • Updated calendar permissions to work with EKEventStore and iOS 17.

UPDATE February 13
Companion v. 3.54.1 (Android only)

  • Fixed crash when viewing workouts with special characters

UPDATE February 16

  • Workout Discovery has been enabled server-side for Android users.

Do you have questions or issues to report? Let us know in this thread.

Did the world schedule on Android get fixed, it is currently off by a day and shows the incorrect worlds available to ride? Update, nope it is still off by a day.

I don’t see workouts anywhere either? Where exactly do you go to explore and discover workouts?

And yes, I just updated the app. 3.54.0 (1740)

There in the explore section for me in android:

Strange, mine still looks the same as it always did. Double checked that it was updated, force closed and restarted a few times too?

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Same. Using iPadOS and iOS.

same as in it isn’t showing the workouts for you either?

I do not have the Explore > Workout feature in IOS yet. Maybe it is a phased roll out/activation?

Correct. Looks just like it did before the update.

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@joules @shooj any ideas why some are seeing the new feature and others aren’t?

Same here. No workouts for me either.
Galaxy s21+ btw

Also just updated and no sign of workouts under explore. iPhone 13 Pro Max - iOS 17.2.1

No workouts for me, iPhone 14Pro, iOS 17.3, Companion App 3.54. Forced closed the app, rebooted my phone, still no workouts.

@Mike_Rowe1 @Nigel_Tufnel @Benjamin_Kutscher @D_anno_Race3R

Thanks for flagging this. The new workout feature in Companion v 3.54 is a phased rollout. Some of you are seeing it today - all of you will see it tomorrow. Sorry we didn’t communicate this earlier.


Are all of the workouts also now going to be available to those setting up Club group workouts?

@shooj will the ability to see our own custom workouts be added in future?

No running workouts on companion… :face_exhaling:

This seems like only half of a scenario. I can browse and find workouts on the companion, but I don’t see anything I can do with them there. I can’t queue them up, add them to a calendar, mark them as favorites, or make a specific workout show up on the homescreen next time I log in.

I guess I don’t understand the point of being able to see the workouts but not do anything with them.

So my related request is allowing one or more of the following:

  1. Queue up a workout: When I find a workout I’d like to do next I can mark it in some way from the companion app so it will show on the home screen next time I launch Zwift.
  2. Favorite a workout: When I find an interesting workout I can mark it as a favorite, there’s a folder, or pivot in workouts to show all favorites, and an entry point on the homescreen to get to my favorite workouts.
  3. Workout calendar: Add workouts to a calendar from the companion app, when you launch zwift on that day the workout shows front and center at the top.

Assuming you can actually do something with the workouts from the companion app then it would also be good to allow people to filter via text/metadata, and search the workout list (this would be useful both in the companion and the main app). If I know I want to queue up the gorby, I should be able to type “gorby”, the list filters to that by the time I type “gor”, then I hit ‘queue’, or ‘favorite’, or ‘add to calendar’, or whatever action Zwift decides is a useful one to do to workouts from the companion app rather than have to figure out whether it’s in the 30-60min or the 60-90min folder etc.

Basically my intention when browsing workouts on the companion app is either: Find something to do next, find a few workouts I like to do some time in the future, mark certain workouts as favorites, or to build a calendar of workouts.


UPDATE February 1

We’re pausing the phased rollout to investigate a very small number of Companion app crash reports we’re seeing in on our server telemetry.

If you are experiencing this Companion app crash after updating to version 3.54, please weigh in on this thread, and let us know if you’re using iOS or Android and what actions you were taking when the app crashed.

That’s a fair assessment as of this week. This is the first step in a larger body of work to make it easier to hit your fitness goals. We mentioned on This Season on Zwift that you’ll be able to queue up your rides and routes, and that is a piece of the ongoing work.