Upcoming Changes to Supported iOS versions [Zwift Companion] [January 2024]

Hello Zwifters,

We want to make you aware of upcoming changes for iOS 13 and 14 devices running the Zwift Companion app.

Starting January 31st, Companion version 3.54 will require iOS 15 or newer.

Companion v 3.53 will continue to function, but will be the last version compatible with iOS 13 or 14.

Affected Zwifters currently using these operating systems will see messaging within the Zwift Companion app, if applicable, and should also receive notification via email.

The iPhone 6s and newer models can be updated to iOS 15. See this site to check your iPhone model’s capability to update. Upgrading your OS will ensure your device is capable of the best Zwift Companion experience.

If your existing device is unable to upgrade the OS, it’s possible another device you already own will be able to run Zwift Companion. More information on supported devices can be found here.

Companion version 3.54.0 has now rolled out for both iOS and Android. Please update at your earliest convenience.