Upcoming Changes to Supported Operating Systems [May 2023]

Hello Zwifters,

We wanted to make you aware of upcoming changes for older operating systems running the Zwift Companion app.

Starting on May 31st, 2023 we will be deprecating Zwift Companion App for iOS 12.

Affected Zwifters currently using this operating system will see messaging within the Zwift Companion app, if applicable, and should also receive notification via email.

The Zwift Companion app will no longer function on deprecated operating systems.

Many existing devices running older operating systems can upgrade their OS without needing to replace the device.

Upgrading your OS will ensure your device is capable of the best Zwift Companion experience.

If your existing device is unable to upgrade the OS, Zwift supports a variety of devices and operating systems. It’s likely another device you already own will be able to run Zwift Companion as well. More information on supported devices can be found here.

Sounds like this will primarily affect the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPad Air (version 1), iPad Mini (version 2)

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Insert Darth Vader: “Noooooo!”
My generations old 5S was holding on for dear life and totally didn’t need to sit on a charger 24/7 without the battery dying!

Little sad; but… that sucker is old, time to let it go.
Haven’t seen a notification as of yet, but good to see it here/know it’ll come.
Gives me time to figure out alternatives.

edit - just to confirm I am seeing the message now on my 5S.

It can join my Samsung Galaxy S7 in mobile heaven.

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I’m not sure how much relief this is for you but I kind of figured you would eventually force me to change. My iPhone 6+ ran companion for years as well as all the other apps.

UPDATE: May 31
We will end support of iOS12 for the Companion app starting today.