Upcoming Changes to Supported Operating Systems [Effective August 2022]

We wanted to make you aware of upcoming changes for older operating systems running the Zwift game and Zwift Companion app.

Starting August 1st we will begin deprecating certain operating systems based on industry standard minimums for both the Zwift game client and the Zwift Companion app. The following operating systems will be impacted:

Zwift Game Client

  • Android 7 & 8
  • iOS 12
  • macOS 10.12 & 10.13

Zwift Companion App

  • Android 7 & 8
  • iOS 11 & 12

Affected Zwifters currently using these operating systems will see messaging in-game, if applicable, and should also receive notification via email.

The Zwift game app and Zwift Companion app will no longer function on deprecated operating systems.

Many existing devices running older operating systems can upgrade their OS without needing to replace the device. Upgrading your OS will ensure your device is best equipped to run Zwift’s 3D game graphics and utilize new feature sets.

If your existing device is unable to upgrade the OS, Zwift supports a variety of devices and operating systems. It’s likely another device you already own will be able to run Zwift as well. Please see our Support Hub for more information on supported devices to run the Zwift game app and Zwift Companion app.


A bit OCD and/or pedantic :sweat_smile: but the OS X naming convention ceased at 10.11. Starting w/10.12, it has been MacOS.

Great news, the fewer potatoes the more sauce.


Using mental disorders for entertainment value is rather distasteful.

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Corrected upstream and elsewhere in our comms . Thanks for the callout @Lin_Alan

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These pages may lead to some new users being disappointed in a few months. I realise there are notes at the bottom stating that support is changing in August, but IMO it may be better the other way around (put the new data in the table now and have notes saying which older versions will be supported until August).

Anyway these links may be useful resources for anyone wondering what operating system their Apple device can support:

For example on the iOS side you’ll need:
iPad 9.7" 5th Gen or newer
iPad Air 2 or newer
iPad Mini 4 or newer
Any iPad Pro model
iPhone 6S or newer
iPod Touch 7th Gen


If you’re running an unsupported version of macOS, and your mac is too old to support updates from Apple, all is not lost. You can use OpenCore Legacy Patcher to install a recent version of macOS still supported by Zwift (but not by Apple). If you do that, the only question is whether your hardware is fast enough to deliver the game performance you desire.