Upcoming Changes to Supported Operating Systems [Effective August 2022]

A used cell phone with cellular service turned off or SIM card removed would work. Don’t log it in to any accounts except for Zwift, or use a new account unknown to work contacts.

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uhhh… this might be silly, but just don’t give out your number.


is Zwift 1.27 compatible with TVOS 16 Beta 3 ? :blush:


Hey @Marc_Eicker
Beta versions of operating systems are not supported. Things might work as they should, or they might misbehave due to bugs at the OS level that Apple fixes before they release a production version.

Update August 1: We started this thread back in May and said that August 1 would be when we would start deprecating some older operating systems.

Since then we got a little more specific exactly when that’ll happen, and it is with game app version 1.28. ETA is next week August 10.


Is anyone else getting sent tons of e-mails about this change from Zwift? I must have had five identical warning e-mails in the past three days but all of them are irrelevant to me as I mainly run Zwift on a PC.

I did download it to my iPhone in order to DS on a WTRL event one time, but I deleted it not long afterwards and I’m pretty sure that was on a newer iOS version than 12, so even if Zwift has me down as being a mobile device user, this change wouldn’t have affected me anyway.

I don’t want to unsubscribe from the list as there are some Zwift e-mails I do want (like the Your Week Ahead), but to get so many on one subject that doesn’t affect me is starting to make me consider it.


Yes, I receive the same email every day at 7:00 am like clockwork.


Yup, I think for the 6th day in a row now… (But only for my secondary DS account where I have used Companion on Android 8 I think.)

Yup, 7 days in a row now. I get the need to have a drive to get the message out before it happens but this level of spam is really taking the piss.

Enough of the emails already, at least give an option to say I’ve read it.


I haven’t had any. :man_shrugging:t2:

It’s probably similar to the pop up on the ZwiftInsider (and other websites) when you disable future pop ups but they keep coming back with the same disable option. :joy:


I think they are targeted at people who have run Zwift or the companion app on a device running one of the operating systems that is going to be deprecated, the problem is they have no concept of when people have either switched devices or at least got the message. I used to run CA on my old phone running Android 7 but have since changed over to a device running a later version but still continue to be spammed with the same identical email.

@shooj for visibility


The info in the displayed message looks incorrect since the July 28 update in this thread: iOS 12 continues to be supported for Companion. This might cause iPhone 6 users to think they have to buy a replacement now.

Same here, I used to run zwift on an old tablet which I don’t use anymore but now I’m spammed everyday with no way of opting out

1000% this.

Yeah that’s a bit excessive. :rofl:

Hey gang - daily reminder emails will be shut off. Apologies for the annoyance.


Wait for that person that complains about the lack of notification :joy: