Ending support for macOS v10.10 [June 2021]

Starting with the upcoming Zwift version 1.14.0 [EDIT: released June 15 2021], we are ending support of macOSX Yosemite 10.10. To improve the overall stability of our ecosystem, the minimum supported macOS version is macOS X El Capitan 10.11.

Please refer to Apple’s Support Site for instructions on upgrading their older operating systems:


And why are you still supporting 10.11, 10.12 and 10.13? If the actually creator of those releases no longer supports them, why invite the extra load of testing and fixing on them.

Don’t get me wrong, whilst the vast majority of issues appear to be with macOS/iOS/Apple TV products, it’s also odd that you still support Windows 7 and frankly ridiculous to be supporting Windows 8.

Ease your own pain and improve your quality focus by only supporting systems which the system OEMs are prepared to support.

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Hi Mark -
Lots of people don’t want to dedicate a shiny new Mac to Zwifting.
But a lot of people have an old iMac around that does not quite have the horses for the latest MacOS.
SO a lot of these in the 10.11-10.13 MacOS vintage end up as dedicated Zwifting machines.
Just a practical reality.
Nice for ZHQ to keep us updated on expiring support. We know it will have to end eventually,
but it does seem silly to have a new desktop just for Zwifting.

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Peter is exactly right. I have an old Mac running 10.11 that I use only for Zwift. So I appreciate that they still support…oh, wait, nevermind. The latest version of Zwift actually doesn’t run on my Mac even though according to this post it should. It would have been nice to have advance warning that the Zwift app would no longer work on 10.11 as well.

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I don’t care if your Mac is the latest bright and shiny or a rusting can covered in baby snot. But we non-mac users aren’t blind to the overwhelming bias of support issues being on Apple kit. Having to support, test and fix 6 or 7 version of the OS when half of them are not supported for fixes by Apple has to be considered as a factor. Wasted time and money that is being subsidized by the non-mac users and detracting from future feature development.

Zwift is still supported on Windows 7, 8, and 8.1, so I don’t really see your point.

It doesn’t seem to be supported on Windows 10 if you are running a 10th or 11th gen Intel CPU with integrated graphics.

That is an overall gaming issue that is not isolated to just Zwift.

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Source? The thread on this forum is one of the top Google results.

here is one I found @Dave_ZPCMR

the more you dig you find people having issues with 10th and 11th gen graphics.


Are you referring to the known issues listed? That driver covers iGPUs right back to 6th gen Skylake so that’s many, many SKUs dating back to 2015. A lot of the issues refer to Iris Xe MAX, which is a discrete GPU.

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Zwift is still supported on Windows 7, 8, and 8.1, so I don’t really see your point.

Re-read my post. I said I have no problem with dropping the no longer supported by Microsoft versions of Windows. But in numerical terms (number of OSs and apparent number of people with issues), they don’t appear to be such a significant drag on support and development.

Hey everybody - I merged some reports of crashes happening on macOSX 10.11 El Capitan to this thread. If you’re having this issue, please join us on that other discussion, thanks.

Same here. Very frustrating