Mac users with OS below 13

I used to love using Zwift on my largescreen desktop Mac. I can’t upgrade that iMac to OS 13, so now I have to use Zwift on my phone.
Could Zwift make some features available to users with older operating systems?

Having access to fewer routes and/or not interacting with other riders would be ok with me.

I prefer to experience the route on a large monitor, and also find that not all features work on my iphone (I can’t adjust trainer difficulty using iphone interface).

Zwift is running quite well on my iMac running macOs 12.6.2

This isn’t really a big report is it, the OS in question has been deprecated. The chances of Zwift re-adding support for a device they’ve deprecates is near enough zero I imagine.

There’s some explanation of the reasons why they did this here:

Depending on your phone and Mac you may be able to use your Mac screen when running the game on your phone so that you see things a bit bigger at least:

There is a good chance that your older Mac can be updated to a newer operating system by using OpenCore Legacy Patcher. I doubt Zwift will start supporting older OS versions, because that would necessitate testing on those versions.