Mac X Zwfit (OS Which version?)

Hello someone please help me, I would like to know which version of Mac (OS) that Zwfit runs I say the oldest that can run ZWfit I have an old MacBook and it says it does not support this version so I wanted to know which older one it can run thanks in advance.

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As of June last year

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Ok thank you very much but my Mac is in Yosemite and doesn’t update anymore…thanks

If you go to the Apple menu and select About This Mac, what does it say about the model and year of your system? If it has a Metal compatible GPU then you can update using OpenCore Legacy Patcher and run Zwift. If it doesn’t have a Metal compatible GPU then updating won’t help because the hardware won’t be supported. There’s a pretty good chance the system is just too old.

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That’s right, it’s old, I wanted to take advantage of it and leave it to Zwfit but it’s not possible, but thank you very much

Here’s a list of Metal compatible Apple systems. If you have one of these you can install an updated OS using OCLP and probably run Zwift. Even if it doesn’t run Zwift at least you would have an updated OS and be getting security patches.

How to update: