Zwift Apple M1 support - now 4K and high details

Im very happy with the last update and the new support of apple m chips :slight_smile:

I changed in the zwift menu to 4K and everything is fine now!
Even with the base M1 Mac mini model it is possible to bike in 4k with high details.

Now its time to update ATV
See endless posts of people asking for this

Unless they release an M1 version of the ATV i doubt there’ll be a roll down to cover current versions. The way they work is totally different.

It’s very different code for M1/2 support.

The ATV version has always been coded natively for ARM chipset architecture.

UPDATE: For clarity - native Apple Silicon support for M1 / M2 on macOS is NOT live yet in 1.40.

Still no rider shadows on M1!

Does it run natively on the Mx chip now ?
If so the last Windows machine will be leaving my house shortly :crossed_fingers:


Zwift says, “Starting with version 1.39, we will no longer support OpenGL on macOS. All new versions will only support Metal.”

What does this mean for Zwifters? It means all Apple-powered platforms now use Metal as their graphics API on Zwift. Zwift says unifying the graphics API for all Apple-powered platforms will let them improve visual quality for these devices since they don’t have to support both the older OpenGL and the newer Metal.

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I’m not aware of Zwift supporting native Apple silicon. Are you sure about this? Metal doesn’t indicate a change to native support.

That was exactly my question, which I didn’t manage to ask correctly myself…

I would so much love to get rid of my Windows 1050Ti machine ( both the heat and the Bill Gates part :wink: ) and I guess a M2 Mac Mini could probably perform similar the day Zwift releases a native version for MacOS ?


Don’t rush to Mac mini just yet. They aren’t the be all and end all. Recommend wait for now and see what else Apple comes up with.

In Apple land we have much older machines rigged up with GPUs like AMD RX6800XT way ahead of the fastest Apple Silicon machines in actual tests.

So again just keep your windows machine going for now.

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Yeah, but for a game like Zwift, there is no point in building a gaming pc that gets you 100+ fps. If M2 silicone can get 60 fps at 4K resolution, it is a game changer, considering the fact that it fits any space and costs $500 right now.


Seems to be some confusion over this. Metal != Native M1/M2 support.

From the 1.40 notes thread:

So not yet… soon.


60fps is nice but the problem is the graphics profile, which users have no control over. A $500 PC with a fairly basic GPU (not integrated) will still easily exceed what any Apple silicon Mac can do. I say this as a Mac user. I’d love it if things improved.


But they aren’t $500 here in my country, they are expensive and even the maximum spec (which you have to buy at the start) is fairly mediocre unless you buy MacBook Pro or Mac Studio and then it’s $$$.

For now if someone has a machine that runs Zwift reasonably well - best thing is to wait and see what Apple has coming - don’t spend money yet.

The base M2 Mac Mini is $800,- here in Denmark…

It seems to me, from what @Shane_Miller_GPLama refers to in the “Game Update 1.40”, that we could see high or ultra profile with decent FPS on a M2 Mac when they switch to “native Apple Silicon” support ?

Until then I’ll just keep my 1050Ti and “enjoy” the constant flow of Windows Updates and other “nice” stuff :roll_eyes: and the heat generated from that 1050Ti ( even the laptop version seems to have a smal nuclear plant inside it :thinking::grin: )

I’ll start another thread on which 32" screen to buy, my current Samsung has starting acting up :thinking:


I run a 1050 in my machine and i don’t notice any heat issues. Mind you it’s mounted right beside two open garage doors during use so i guess it’s getting plenty of air flow.

I can imagine in a laptop though it’ll get hot.

When you do toss it out your house then throw it my way, I’ll gladly take it in. :laughing:


A quick update…

Decided to pull the trigger on a a Mac Mini M2, just to see if I the performance would be acceptable…
Then I somehow convinced myself that I needed to self medicate, and went for a Mac Mini M2 Pro :roll_eyes:

It is just amazing. Running 4K setting with rider shadows, and it looks so much better than my old Windows GTX1050Ti at 2K.
And the best part, after 3 hours of Zwifting I can barely notice any temperature difference compared to the room it’s in, neither on the surfaces or at the fan exhaust.

Bye to my Windows machine :grinning:


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Don’t throw the 1050ti away. Great little card that.

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I used to have an RX580 Radeon in my Mac Pro 2010 (single X5690 6 core CPU) - that combination was a very effective heater, it just poured out heat.

Since I replaced the RX580 with RX6600XT (flashed) the amount of heat is far less. Not as nice in winter but better in summer.

Have you thought of getting something larger than 32"? Something like a 50-55" 4K TV screen and having that wall mounted? Zwift on a big screen is awesome. :slight_smile: I have a Hisense 55" 4K TV which is connected via HDMI and love it. I get HDR 4K out of the RX6600XT with MacOS 12.6.6.

Just godt a cheap 32" 4K LG and it’s all I can dream off ( not being a hardcore gamer )
I’m limited on distance from the bike to the monitor, so anything larger than a 32" would be too much.

Love you setup with the old(er) Mac Pro - those are still beautiful dream machines :blush: