Game Update 1.40 [May 2023]

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A post was split to a new topic: Title Music doesn’t play [1.40] [May 2023]

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Hi everyone,

I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Mike and I’m the Chief Technical Officer at Zwift. Our last game release, version 1.39, was not at the quality level that it needed to be, and we know that there were many issues that prevented you from enjoying riding and running in Zwift. We take your feedback very seriously, and are grateful to the many members of the Zwift community who reported issues and provided helpful information about your experience, environments, and devices.

The new game version 1.40 is focused on resolving many of these issues as our top priority, and we have many additional fixes and improvements actively in development which will be released as part of our next game release real soon.

Version 1.39 is an important release for us as it contained a major merge to our game codebase. We tested it a lot and rode it internally for weeks but still missed some things we should have caught. Going forward, we won’t have this type of merge behavior and while we will still introduce issues from time to time, they shouldn’t be as broad as the ones we introduced in 1.39. As you’ve likely noticed, we’ve been investing in our game launcher so that we can release phased rollouts of new versions (which lets us minimize blast radius in the event of an unexpected critical issue), and we’re investing in our automated testing and crash detection systems. We have a renewed focus on driving down existing bugs and quality-of-life issues in the game, and we’re in the final stages of testing Zwift for native Apple Silicon which we’ve observed to have huge performance improvements across the board.

Thank you for your patience and please keep your feedback coming. We’re working hard to keep you riding and continue to improve the experience alongside launching new features.

Mike Lusthaus and the Zwift engineering team


Good to see that Zwift is focusing on fixing those bugs, and looking forward to native Apple Silicon support! Here is my post with details on the game release, my thoughts, and more! Feel free to check it out: Zwift Update Released 1.40 - ZRace Central

Have you actually updated to the latest release yet? As the OP says, it’s a phased rollout, so it could be a day or two before you update.

Yep, I’m on 1.40


The new RoboPacers are :fire::fire::fire:!

(Better @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ ? :D)


Hi Mike,

Thank you for acknowledging the disappointments brought by 1.39 and providing explanations on why it happened.

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hopefully they also update their chat so we don’t hear the same things over and over :wink:


Did you fix the misdirection in Volcano Circuit?

What’s your favorite kind of dinosaur? :t_rex:

The only answer to this question can be Blobbasaurus.


more like BARFasaurus :face_vomiting:

Is a Blobbosaurus faster than a mob of Roos?


Should be fixed along with other Watopia misroutings. Let us know that the Volcano Circuit is working as expected?

UPDATE: We’ve reviewed the misrouting corrections completed in Watopia and it seems Volcano Circuit remains an issue. Unlike the other (now fixed) routes that caused loss of progress, the Volcano Circuit issue is an incorrect visual glitch doesn’t impact your progress.

@enricoclaudio FYI.

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I will let you know as soon I get the 1.40 update in my Zwift PC.

The May missions disappeared and the April missions appear.