Any updates on native Apple Silicon support?

Now that even more Macs are using apple silicon, I’m curious if there is any timeline for native apple silicon support? Would love to see Zwift make the most of the new chips both in terms of improved performance and efficiency.

May be considered in 2022 based on recent comments from Jon Mayfield on Reddit, but would rely on third parties that Zwift uses updating their libraries. Doesn’t sound it’s in progress right now, and given the game runs well enough (YMMV) via Rosetta, recompiling the game with native M1 support for a minority is likely to be a low priority.


I would also love to see Apple Silicon support. I just got M1 Max BMP with 24GPU cores. The new M1 Max is a beast of a laptop.


Any news on that? Zwift more and more becomes an artifact from a time far away on the Mac-based software side. The way it starts up (or in many cases doesn’t), the way it does (not) update properly… Even if you don’t support M1 chips natively any time soon, can you at least develop an App Store Version? Right now Zwift on a Mac feels like alien-software


I wonder if we have any update about this. expectations were for q2/22. here we are, almost at the end of it and not a word yet.

after last updates I’ve been experiencing very clunky frame rates in several maps, including emptier ones. other day chose one ny route (was not on schedule, had like 100 people spreaded across the map) and it seemed like a 2000 riders event on my old 2013 MacBook 15" pro.

I’m running a 14" brand new 2021 m1pro MacBook pro. it doesn’t make any sense. it set in high profile, not even ultra…

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