Better Mac support please!

Running Zwift on an M1 MacBook Pro and I have a hard time believing that it shouldn’t be able to handle more than the 1080p resolution that is currently my best option. When I google the topic I keep running into the claim that Zwift is not running native on a Mac? Maybe it is time to fix this? I would love to get just 1440p on my Mac (I have it connected to a large TV and I would love some more detail and better FPS) - but I would hate having to go out and get a PC just to run Zwift in a tolerable resolution/FPS. It would be great to hear from Zwift staff about future plans for Mac/Apple support and development. Thanks!

Interesting… which M1 chip do you have? I wonder if it varies by model. This is what I get:

Screenshot 2023-01-20 at 05.47.14