M1 Mac not showing 1440p resolution [January 2021] [SOLVED]

I just updated to new version on my Mac and found out that I cannot see 1440p option on my Mac Mini M1anymore. On Dec 17th update, 1440p option appeared and after today’s update, it’s gone again.

I hope this is just a bug and will be fixed soon but worrying that it was disabled on purpose for some reason.
Thank you for your support.



Hi @Rie_Tamuro_TMR welcome to Zwift forums.

We’re looking into your question.
Thanks for adding the screenshots; they’re always helpful.


Thank you for the screenshots and also sending in your log file. That helped to quickly identify what was happening.

This is a known issue that we’ll fix in the next release.


I just updated Zwift to 1.0.61590 and 1440p option appeared!

(I also had Bluetooth problem on my iPad Pro but it was also fixed and finally I can play Zwift on iPad and Mac Mini M1 again!)

Thank you for your support!

Ride On




Thanks for coming back to close the loop. I’ll mark this thread SOLVED!



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Is it normal that we no longer see the shadow under the cyclist, before this correction I could see it in 1080P. Now the shadow is gone for 1080 and is not present for 1440?


On battery? :thinking: Maybe: try to see the power saving settings … see my screenshot above … third to last line …

Mine does this too - “high” detail profile should have proper bike shadows but on M1 MacBook doesn’t. Wtf?

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I can see the shadows…

Shadows in 4K, Ultra (GTX 1650)

@Milan_Rost Your recovery workout is similar to mine, though I had thought max xp was over 60 seconds?

Those are the basic profile ones. They are meant to be actual bike ones in high

I read somewhere 55-56 seconds, but do not remember where (Zwiftinsider?). I get 44 XP for the 4x 55 = 220 seconds. In free ride you need 2,2 km for 44 XP, that means you must ride @ 36 km/h - no chance with 135 - 140 W :grinning::grinning::grinning:

Did not test anything else…

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same, no shaddows

bike shaddows are now gone on the ultra profile for M1? please advise

AFAIK M1 has not Ultra profile; Ultra in your settings means resolution (1440).

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I agree the 1440p fix introduced a new rider shadow bug. Tried a few config settings but unable to reactivate proper shadowing.

Has this been fixed? Can you add shadows on the M1 Macs by altering the config file (Zwift Config File Graphics Tweaks: 2019 - Zwift Insider)?

No, rider shadows cannot be added manually.