M1 Mac not showing 1440p resolution [January 2021] [SOLVED]

I just updated to new version on my Mac and found out that I cannot see 1440p option on my Mac Mini M1anymore. On Dec 17th update, 1440p option appeared and after today’s update, it’s gone again.

I hope this is just a bug and will be fixed soon but worrying that it was disabled on purpose for some reason.
Thank you for your support.



Hi @Rie_Tamuro_TMR welcome to Zwift forums.

We’re looking into your question.
Thanks for adding the screenshots; they’re always helpful.


Thank you for the screenshots and also sending in your log file. That helped to quickly identify what was happening.

This is a known issue that we’ll fix in the next release.


I just updated Zwift to 1.0.61590 and 1440p option appeared!

(I also had Bluetooth problem on my iPad Pro but it was also fixed and finally I can play Zwift on iPad and Mac Mini M1 again!)

Thank you for your support!

Ride On




Thanks for coming back to close the loop. I’ll mark this thread SOLVED!



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Is it normal that we no longer see the shadow under the cyclist, before this correction I could see it in 1080P. Now the shadow is gone for 1080 and is not present for 1440?


On battery? :thinking: Maybe: try to see the power saving settings … see my screenshot above … third to last line …

Mine does this too - “high” detail profile should have proper bike shadows but on M1 MacBook doesn’t. Wtf?

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I can see the shadows…

Shadows in 4K, Ultra (GTX 1650)

@Milan_Rost Your recovery workout is similar to mine, though I had thought max xp was over 60 seconds?

Those are the basic profile ones. They are meant to be actual bike ones in high

I read somewhere 55-56 seconds, but do not remember where (Zwiftinsider?). I get 44 XP for the 4x 55 = 220 seconds. In free ride you need 2,2 km for 44 XP, that means you must ride @ 36 km/h - no chance with 135 - 140 W :grinning::grinning::grinning:

Did not test anything else…

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same, no shaddows

bike shaddows are now gone on the ultra profile for M1? please advise

AFAIK M1 has not Ultra profile; Ultra in your settings means resolution (1440).

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I agree the 1440p fix introduced a new rider shadow bug. Tried a few config settings but unable to reactivate proper shadowing.