1440p resolution on MacBook Pro

I’ve recently upgraded my MacBook Air (M1) to a MacBook Pro (M2). Since the upgrade however, I’m no longer getting the option to run Zwift on the 1440p resolution, which I could on the MacBook Air. Is this a known issue? Is there a way of bypassing the Zwift options, since I know the laptop is capable of running the higher resolution and graphics.

M1 gets Basic profile at up to 1440p resolution - this combination isn’t supposed to be possible, it’s a mashup of different principles that they broke in the past.

M2 gets Medium profile, which looks far better than Basic but has a maximum resolution of 1080p - this is because they haven’t broken it.

Zwiftalyzer says that I’m getting “High” on my M1 Macbook Air at 1440p resolution. But from what I understand, this is incorrect? So even though it says “High,” it’s actually “Basic?”

IIRC it gets some landscape shadows not present in Basic, but it’s worse than Medium profile.

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Leave it to Zwift to have a worse profile but label it “High.”